Mind Watching

At times, some people seem to have such a hyperactive mind, don't they? They may be with you physically, or even on phone or internet chat, and yet seem so far away. They keep talking and talking and talking... about random disconnected things. They may be doing something, e.g. eating, and still keep talking hurriedly... as if they're in a constant rush. They'll be gobbling up their food without paying any attention to it. It's like their mind is so full... of so many odd things!

And then there are others who seem totally relaxed and calm. They pay complete attention to whatever they're doing. Their conversations have proper coherent threads. They talk slowly and thoughtfully. They are equally attentive listeners too. Completely focused.

This picture illustrates the difference brilliantly...

So what is your state of mind today... mind full, or mindful?

Wordless Wednesday: Education System


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10 Things To Do When Internet Is Down ~ Ten On Tuesday

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Random Observations

  • Sensible parents are the best gift God can give anyone. Even if you're 40 years old, there will be times when you wish there was someone older and wiser to guide you.

  • Having a transparent relationship with your spouse can completely change your experience of life. How freely you can share your thoughts and feelings with him/her, including your dreams and your fears... whether you feel suffocated or suppressed in the marriage, or you have complete freedom of expression.

  • Having a dozen relatives in the city does not necessarily mean that someone will be there for you in case you need help, but having even one good friend is enough.

  • At times, it is your past that helps you get over your past.

  • Laughter really is the best medicine... Readers' Digest got that one absolutely correct.

Wise Kids

Been busy with kids in my building lately. Two in particular. Advik and Rishika. Very intelligent kids. Babies, rather. Advik is 8 months old and Rishika completed exactly 2 months today. They are adorable. And they both are sooooo delighted to see me every time. That's probably because of all the Reiki they've received from me, but it could also be due to the fact that I wear specs.

So anyway, I've been busy with them. Returned home just a few minutes ago. A little short of time today. So keeping it short and sweet. Sharing this picture someone posted on Facebook today. Take a printout of this picture and stick it in your bedroom, and that's all you'll probably ever need to know, to live life... REALLY live it I mean.

Silly Saturday: Some Concentration!

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Special Memories... Or Not?

People walk in and out of our lives daily. Meeting and parting is a fact of life. Nobody sticks around forever. It's only the memories that stay on, even after people have left.

Whether people remember you with affection and a warm smile on their face, or with bitterness and an icy chill in their heart... it depends upon what kind of memories you create with them.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2013

Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 started today. Went with Shilpa again this year. Attended the session of H. H. Dalai Lama in conversation with Pico Iyer. Was cool. Totally unlike any of the sessions we "drifted through" last year. Jam-packed and pin-drop silence. A man behind me commented that such a crowd hadn't even gathered to see Amitabh Bachchan in a previous JLF.

Also saw Sharmila Tagore in the next session. She looked pretty. Aging with grace is quite an achievement I guess. Would have loved to see Javed Akhtar too in the evening session. Couldn't wait for that long though.

Shilpa took a lot of pics. I didn't take any. Was just too lazy.

In fact, I'm too lazy to even write anything more in this post. So I'll just insert these 2 photos here that I found on zeenews.india.com. And then we'll all wait for Shilpa to process her JLF2013 pics and upload them on her blog. Right?

Here's H. H. Dalai Lama. Shilpa and I are standing somewhere in the crowd far back in the pic... close to that blue pillar with the cameraman. You can just make out the arched entrance to this lawn directly behind the speaker systems next to the blue pillar. The gates were closed hardly a minute after we entered. So yeah, we made it just in time!

And here's Sharmila Tagore. Wasn't so crowded during her session. But we were still not fortunate enough to find seats. Though we did get a better view of the stage.

Ok, so I did write a little more then. But that's it for today. You can read about our last year's visit to the Jaipur Literature Festival here... "When FarmVille Neighbors Meet In Real Life".

Life and Achievements...

Not in a talkative mood today. Been busy making new stuff for KraftyFingers. Will update that space as soon as I can manage to get some good pictures of the new stuff.

Just sharing this picture slide with you for now... made it earlier in Photoshop...

Pigeon Marathon

Here's some more "pigeon photography" from my balcony. I have titled this group of pictures as "Pigeon Marathon". Every morning, you see a whole flock of these birds going round and round either my own building, or the one right across the road, which can be seen in these pictures. It's an interesting time-pass, watching these birds fly just for the heck of it!

If you look closely at these pics, you'll notice all the birds are flying in one direction, but at times, there are two equally huge flocks flying in opposite directions around the same building at the same time! And that makes for an even more interesting sight, as some of the birds forget which direction they were going in, and change flocks in the middle of the flight!

Extremely amusing creatures...

Pigeon Conference

"Pigeon conference" in my balcony... a frequent sight! Doesn't last long though. These creatures are very possessive about their "space". Violent fights break out if another pigeon happens to "park" on a spot reserved by some pigeon.

Silly Saturday: Iron Man... (Fe)male!

Iron Man... (Fe)male!

Didn't I tell you? ... "Women rule!"
:p :p :p

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Book Review: Dilli to Pagal Hai by Shivjeet Kullar


Dilli to Pagal Hai
Author: Shivjeet Kullar
ISBN: 978-8189906375

Buy from:




Dilli to Pagal Hai, by Shivjeet Kullar, is a compilation, by The Times of India group, of some of his best articles on Delhi, from his fortnightly column in Delhi Times. From politicians to policemen, to Punjabis and Bengalis, to Page 3 elites... Shivjeet has spared no one. Ludicrously witty, laced with his tongue-in-cheek humor, the book will surely have you in splits!

Excerpt from the 'Introduction' in Dilli to Pagal Hai:

Delhi was the capital of India. It was also one of the most aggressive, rude and belligerent cities in the country. People were defensive and quarrelsome. Traffic was hostile, road rage was common. The police were corrupt, politicians were crooked, and peons were bribable.

Need I say more?

Shivjeet Kullar has really captured the essence of Delhi in his articles in Dilli to Pagal Hai. As a "sworn wallah basher" (that OB calls me), I found myself nodding vehemently in agreement with most of his views in this book. A total of 78 articles -- mostly 2-page long -- on Delhi dictionary, Delhi's food and its fancy restaurants with their hard-to-pronounce menus, politicians and their ambassador cars, Delhi's places ("clonies") and its various kinds of traffic jams, Delhi dating and the Delhi SEXIEs (females who are "Seminude Even In Xtreme Icy Evenings"), Dilli ki sardi (and garmi and barsaat!), Delhi's Punjabis and their "paanch minute", the Bengalis and their "pheesh", and all you might have ever wanted to know about the Page 3 parties! Shivjeet has also managed to throw in the Nano, George Bush, Sochin Da's Pherari, Delhi Malls and Delhi's 7-star hospitals!

I wish I could share a few articles from the book with you, but I obviously can't re-publish complete write-ups without an explicit permission from the author. So I'll share just one more piece then (not an exact quote), from the article titled 'The Man who Shot Delhi'...

What does DELHI stand for?

D: Devil's own children
E: Evil of corruption
L: Lawlessness
H: Hushed silence (against crime)
I: I, me and myself

With good printing, paper quality and editing, Dilli to Pagal Hai makes for a refreshing read. I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy a book on Delhi so much! Even though it comprises of short independent articles, you'll still feel compelled to finish the book in one sitting, and when you're done reading it, you'll wish there was more. The only minor irritant perhaps is that some of the content seemed a bit repetitive across articles (e.g. traffic jams and Punjabis' "paanch minute"), which is understandable, as they weren't originally written for the book.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5. Dilli to Pagal Hai, by Shivjeet Kullar, is an amazingly penned, satirical take on Delhi and all that the city represents. MUST READ for anybody who's ever been associated with Delhi, or plans to visit the city any time in the future!

Buy from: Flipkart | Amazon.in | Amazon.com

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Animal Crackers!

What if animals thought and talked like humans?

Someone shared this brilliantly hilarious video on Facebook yesterday... HAD to share it with you as well! :D :D :D

It is a compilation of excerpts taken from the BBC One show 'Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side'... pieced together by DJ Shamrock for comedic effect.

. . .

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Wordless Wednesday: Nailed!


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Dangers of Being 'Kaddu'!

My Facebook settings do not allow anyone else to post on my wall... not even my Facebook friends. The workaround that people use for this is that they post the content on their own wall and just tag me in it. That's exactly what OB did when he decided to wish me "Happy Birthday" on Facebook...

As a downside to this workaround, the above post became visible to both his friends and mine.

Even before I'd set my eyes on this birthday wish, one of his friends had already gone ahead and commented on it...

"You are my pumpkin pumpkin...Hello hunny bunny...."

And this was someone who's never been acquainted to me, or me to him!

Total #facepalm moment for me!

Stupid IDEA ad!

. . .

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Makar Sankranti and Kite Flying

Makar Sankranti is the day surya bhagvan (Sun-God) becomes Uttarayan. In other words, the sun begins its entry into the Northern hemisphere. This day is celebrated all over South Asia (India, Nepal, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia), under different names and with different customs.

Even within India, different parts of the country celebrate this auspicious day under different names! Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Lohri in Punjab, Maghi in Himachal Pradesh, and Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu in Assam, Makar Sankranti is one of the major festivals in Rajasthan. In all my 12 years in Patna, I did not see so much kite flying as I did today in Jaipur!

As this festival is about the Sun-God, people fly colorful kites as a "religious offering" to the Sun-God. I took some pictures today during my evening walk around my apartment. Sharing a few here...

Top: Who's the 'Lord of the Skies'?
Bottom: Tired and defeated!

Girls will be girls! :D

Sending our love to the Sun-God!

Since this day falls in mid-winter, food prepared for Makar Sankranti consists of energy and heat giving substances - primarily laddoos made with sesame and jaggery, known as 'Til-gud'.

Here's a couplet I found on the internet, about Makar Sankranti...

Meethe GUD me mil gaya TIL,
Udi PATANG aur khil gaye DIL,
Jeevan me bani rahe SUKH aur SHANTI,



You might remember Doogie Howser M.D. - that TV show of the 90s, featuring a 16-year-old genius doctor, Douglas Howser, and his best friend, Vincent Delpino.

I kind of like Vinnie more than Doogie. His insights and perspectives about most things in the Universe are just so astute. For example, the quote above.

There are a lot of things I'd like to say on the topic of parenting, but, not today.

Silly Saturday: Casino Snow-yale!

Casino Snow-yale!

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I had this really nice dream a few days ago... you know the kind that leaves you smiling all day long for no particular reason... that makes you hug yourself because you actually want to hug the entire planet...

Well I told OB about this dream on chat, and this is what he came up with...

(Please click on the image to view in larger size)

I liked these lines so much that I decided I'll preserve them here on my blog, so that every time I read these lines, I can re-experience that dream and feel good all over again! :D

In another news, I turn 35 today! :D

P.S. - Note to self: Dream referred to Jacob Black. Hence the tag for Twilight!