10 Things I Love About Winters ~ Ten On Tuesday

Hope you all are enjoying the winter season as much as I am! The sun is still pretty strong out here in Jaipur, though it gets a bit chilly during the night. The hypothermic me, as usual, has at least one extra layer of woollens than the rest of the city! Nevertheless, winters is still my favorite season!

Here are 10 things that I love the most about winters!

1. Snuggling in my cozy mink blanket! No, that's not my mink blanket in the picture below. That photograph was taken at a school friend's place in Delhi... and that's his Jaipuri-rajai wrapped around me!

2. Soaking up the afternoon sun in my balcony... reading an interesting book or just ragging Abhiroop on phone for hours!

3. Exhaling against glass surfaces to draw cartoons on the fog that settles on them!

4. Eating gaazar ka halwa... with tea & paapad!

5. Chikki... no, not me, silly! This 'Chikki' -------->

6. Steamy bowl of mix-veg soup with boiled macaroni & a little bit of tinned 'sweet corn cream style', flavored with chinese sauces.

7. Parathas stuffed with mooli or gobhi or even just sattu... with my 'aloo-jhol' preferrably!

8. Mirchi... in so many varieties... homemade hari-mirch ka achaar, stuffed mirchi, mirchi ke pakode & even stuffed mirchi ke pakode that my neighborhood shopkeeper sells! Yummmm!

9. All those leafy vegetables... methi, paalak, sarson, spring onions, mooli ke patte (makes delicious daal-mooli)... and as much hari-dhaniya ki chutney as you can wish for!

10. And the most gorgeous effusion of my all-time-favorite yellow flowers... lining both sides of the roads, as well as the divider in the middle!

These are the top 10 things that make winters special for me. What are your winter highlights? What do you think of when you think about winters?

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