6th Centenary Giveaway: The Prize

Finally letting the cat out of the bag! This is what the winner of my "6th Centenary Giveaway" will get!

It's a board-laminated wall-art... water painting on art paper. I made this scene originally in hand embroidery ("Still Water: Embroidery"), but then I fell in love with it and wanted to see it in bigger size... as a painting. Here are the details of this wall-art - "Solitude: Water Painting".

Yeah, I changed the name from "Still Water" to "Solitude", because... well, if you think about it, that girl could very easily be me, thinking about the next blog post on miss_teerious maybe...?? So "Solitude" seems more apt as a title, doesn't it?

Anyway, I've received 3 entries in the giveaway contest so far. None of them are 100% correct though. So I've decided I'll give the prize to whoever gets the maximum correct answers. And even though the "About" page and the search box on the top make it easy to find the answers, I have included a couple of trick questions in the quiz, which won't be so easy to find directly! :D

Well then, 2 more days to go. If you'd like to have this handmade wall-art from me... as something to remember me by, you know... then hurry up and send me your answers! Just about 48 hours left to participate!

Love, Or No Love?

"After marriage, love is the first thing that goes out of the window."

How true is this statement?

Does love really 'go out of the window' after time?

Does familiarity really cause people to fall out of love with each other?

If you've loved someone once, then do you ever really stop loving him/her?

... even if you've been married to each other for decades?

... even if he never remembers your birthday and she always nags you for leaving the towel on the bed?

... even if you both hate your mothers-in-law?

... even if you are separated?

... even if you never married each other?

... even if the other person never returned your love?

You may stop expressing your love to him/her... you may even stop talking to or seeing him/her... but if you once loved someone, do you ever really stop loving him/her?

An SMS forward started me on this chain of thought, and I couldn't help wondering about it. Perhaps my readers would like to share their views on this...

Book Review: The Tattooed Fakir by Biman Nath


The Tattooed Fakir
Author: Biman Nath
ISBN: 978-1447222859

Buy from:




The Tattooed Fakir, by Biman Nath, set in 18th century colonial India, attempts to narrate the story of the rebellion against the British rule, by armed Muslim fakirs and Hindu sanyasis of India. I say "attempts to", because the book fails to convince.

Blurb from The Tattooed Fakir:

A young woman – Roshanara – is kidnapped by the village zamindar. The British sahib, owner of the indigo plantation, intervenes, but then takes her as his own mistress. She is not, however, any local woman – she is a fakir’s daughter.

Her fakir father and her husband Asif go to Majnu Shah’s band of fakirs to plead for help in getting her back.

The plot:

In Northern Bengal, during the eighteenth century colonial rule of India, while the villagers are struggling under the atrocities and over-taxation of local zamindars, several Indigo plantations have come up in the countryside. The owner of one such Indigo plantation in Jahangirpur is 'Makhlin sahib' (Ronald MacLean), who is assisted in the plantation work by his French manager, Pierre Gaubert. Pierre and his sister, Anne, had to flee Pondicherry because of the scandal caused by Anne's affair with a local Muslim boy, Yusuf. They are now keeping a low profile in Jahangirpur.

Asif, a young peasant, is married to Roshanara, the daughter of a renowned local fakir, Cherag Ali. The story begins when the local zamindar sets forth his plans to kidnap Roshanara for his lust, but fate takes the woman to Makhlin sahib's house, instead of the zamindar's. Asif and Cherag fakir plan to seek the help of a much-hyped warrior fakir, Majnu Shah, to rescue Roshanara.

The characters:

I have already given a brief outline of all the main characters in the book, except for the protagonist - 'The Tattooed Fakir'. This character is the mixed-race son of Roshanara and Makhlin sahib. An unwanted kid, emotionally insecure, full of rage and confusion. He apparently learns to vent his anger through his arrows, and becomes the prized archer of the band of warrior fakirs, but is not very convincing in the role.

As a matter of fact, all the characters in the book are under-developed and confused. Not a single strong character in the entire plot. So much hype about Cherag Ali and Majnu Shah, but neither of them are shown actually doing anything. Same goes for Asif and Roshanara. Pierre, Anne and MacLean are also portrayed with contrasting characters. It is quite impossible to relate with anybody in the plot. The rebellious skirmishes of the fakirs don't come across as very convincing. And in all of this chaos, the author has also thrown in Tipu Sultan and his innovative 'rocket technology'. (I wouldn't be able to comment on the historic validation of this aspect of the plot, because I'm no historian.)

In short, The Tattooed Fakir promises a lot of action, but consistently fails to deliver it. Roshanara's rescue mission was a complete fiasco, despite the fact that it took almost 7 years to happen! The storyline is shabby, illogical, and as confused as the characters. And the climax is most unimpressive. When I finished reading the book, I couldn't help wonder why it was written at all. Total "damp squib".

My rating: 1.5 out of 5. The Tattooed Fakir, by Biman Nath, was a complete waste of time. The author had a brilliant idea in the making, excellent writing style, and yet, failed to leave his mark.

Buy from: Flipkart | Amazon.in | Amazon.com

Disclaimer: This review is a part of the firstreads program at goodreads.com. I received a free copy of this book for reviewing, but that has, in no way, affected my rating and opinions.

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Memorabilia-X: Paan Pasand

How many of you remember Paan Pasand - the betel leaf flavored sugar boiled candy that tasted distinctly like our Indian 'paan'? Honestly, no imported confectioneries/chocolates can ever beat those unique candies! Just thinking about them makes my mouth water... even after all these years!

And do you remember their TV Ads? Some of them were seriously rib-tickling! Two super classics that I still remember were the 'shadi aur tumse' one, and that 'apni biwi par hukum chalate ho' one! I found 4 sets of their Ads on YouTube... sharing them with you all... these are real treasures from the days gone by!

. . .

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6th Centenary Giveaway

Finally it's here! The 600th post on miss_teerious!

And to celebrate it, I'm going to do a giveaway!

Yes, that means I will actually send something tangible to you by post! :D

To make things interesting, there's a contest involved with the giveaway... just a small quiz. (Don't we all love games?)

All the answers to this quiz are right here in this blog... hidden in some of my old posts. You just need to find them. Shouldn't be too difficult!


  • Contest open to only Indian residents.  
  • Last Date of participating: 31st August - midnight (IST).
  • Post your answers as a comment below. All comments answers will remain hidden till 1st September, 2012.
  • The entry with all correct answers wins the giveaway. In case of a tie, I'll do a "lucky draw".
  • Winner will be announced on 1st September, 2012.


The winner will receive a special handmade gift from KraftyFingers.
And what will that gift be? :D
Come now, don't be so impatient! :P
Just stay tuned to this blog and you'll find out soon enough! ;-)
(A little suspense is good, don't you think?)

So here's the quiz now...


Double Trouble:
i) Two Facebook games I’ve been crazy about enough to mention on this blog?
ii) Two posters that have adorned my bedroom at any point of time?
iii) Two singers I’ve ever mentioned on this blog? (Could be Indian or non-Indian)
iv) Two fictional characters I’ve had a crush on?
v) Two of my favorite drinks?

Which of the following are true about me?
i) I hate ‘Holi’.
ii) I am a morning person.
iii) I cannot eat breakfast.
iv) My favorite color is yellow.
v) I love shopping.

Rapid Fire:
i) Cats or Dogs?
ii) Action or Romance?
iii) Desktops or Laptops?
iv) French or Spanish?
v) Sunflower or Rose?

That's it. Told you it's easy! Now hurry up and start finding the answers. :D