Mission "Bhindi Bonanza"

Last Wednesday, I mentioned to Dad that we haven't had a get together in our building since Holi (which I bunked btw... I always bunk Holi!), and that it's time we had another one, what with the summer vacations of kids etc. Then Friday night, this lively neighbor suddenly drops by to inform us about a proposed "Hot Pot" pool dinner on Sunday, and asks us if we'd be interested! Haahh! "Interested?" Well, I was WAITING for it! :D

So anyway, since this was a "pool dinner", all families were supposed to prepare one of the dishes, from the pre-decided menu, for "the table". One round of complete menu between the families of one floor. The top 3 floors don't have enough occupancy yet, so we were combined in one group. I had to make bhindi for this group... roughly 25 people.

LOL! I have never made ANYthing for more than 10 people! 25 was a first for me! Bhabhi (that lively neighbor who was in-charge of my group) advised me to take 2 kilograms bhindi. So that's what I did. Didn't have a cooking utensil large enough to make 2 kgs bhindi at one go. So I split it into two parts and cooked 1 kilo at a time. Came out fine eventually... no catastrophes, no excess salt, no 'bhindi ka halwa' look!

Here's a photographic display of my mission "Bhindi Bonanza"...

And the get together? Was a huge success! A total of 96 families in the society currently. Some of them couldn't make it though, due to other prior commitments. Some couldn't cook for whatever reasons. So they contributed in other ways... renting the catering equipment (tables, chairs, plates etc.), supplying drinking water & cold drinks, lighting the venue (the central lawn in our society), setting up a music system there, and even running a live bhelpuri counter! (Awesome bhelpuri man!)

And yes, we had housie (lotto) too. Rupees 10 per ticket. Total proceeds divided up in 7 prizes. I won the grand prize... the first full house... 200 bucks! LOL! Now everybody in the building knows me as "Chicky - full housie"! :P

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