The Taming of Another Shrew

Earth signs are supposed to be stable and dependable, like solid mountains. She was an Earth sign... but with a slight twist.

She was a solid mountain with a stream of fire coursing deep within her. Her usual firm and dependable disposition was interspersed with occasional displays of her fiery temperament. Nobody dared to mess with her during one of her volcanic eruptions. People automatically moved aside when she passed by.

Not him though.

He wasn't afraid of her.

He not only did NOT move aside when she passed by, but he even dared to rile her... again and again and again!

For once it seemed that she had finally met her match.

For once it seemed that there was a MAN who could turn that fiery wild cat into a meek pussy-kitten purring softly against him.

Not for long though.

While she remained the same hot-blooded specimen of the human race, he seemed to have lost his former coolness. He could no longer keep up with her. (At least, that was the impression he conveyed!)

Had she over estimated him then? She wondered. Wasn't he strong enough for her then? Wasn't he MAN enough for her then?

Maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was just like the rest of the guys she had come across in life... typical "run-of-the-mill" kind. Maybe he WOULD be better off with someone tamer...

She gave out a loud sigh. Her heart found it difficult to believe that he had given up so easily. He really HAD seemed like a tough guy... tough enough even for HER.

Had her heart been wrong then for once ???

. . . . .

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