Mar 2012: Photo A Day Challenge

Even though this post is going to show up under 29th February, 2012, I'm actually posting it on the 2nd of March. It's about a 1-month photo challenge that I just saw on PsychBabbler's blog. (No it's not the same "idea" that I mentioned in my previous post "Kadzilla's eStudio".)

This 1-month photo challenge was supposed to start on March 1st. But since I read about it only now, I'm going to back date the first post of the series.

Here are the details of this particular round of daily-blogging challenge:

"2012 March Photo A Day"

UPDATE: 31st March
Completed this challenge successfully today. Here's a list of all 31 posts, to make life a bit easier for you!

Day 1 - Photo A Day: Up
Day 2 - Photo A Day: Fruit
Day 3 - Photo A Day: Your Neighborhood
Day 4 - Photo A Day: Bedside
Day 5 - Photo A Day: A Smile
Day 6 - Photo A Day: 5 PM
Day 7 - Photo A Day: Something You Wore
Day 8 - Photo A Day: Window
Day 9 - Photo A Day: Red
Day 10 - Photo A Day: Loud
Day 11 - Photo A Day: Someone You Talked To Today
Day 12 - Photo A Day: Fork
Day 13 - Photo A Day: A Sign
Day 14 - Photo A Day: Clouds
Day 15 - Photo A Day: Car
Day 16 - Photo A Day: Sunglasses
Day 17 - Photo A Day: Green
Day 18 - Photo A Day: A Corner Of Your Home
Day 19 - Photo A Day: Funny
Day 20 - Photo A Day: Before / After
Day 21 - Photo A Day: Delicious
Day 22 - Photo A Day: Kitchen Sink
Day 23 31 - Photo A Day: Where You Relax
Day 24 - Photo A Day: An Animal
Day 25 - Photo A Day: Breakfast
Day 26 - Photo A Day: Key
Day 27 - Photo A Day: Your Name
Day 28 - Photo A Day: Trash
Day 29 - Photo A Day: Feet
Day 30 - Photo A Day: Toy
Day 31 23 - Photo A Day: Moon

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I likes.

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Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Job well done, blogger :-)

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Thank you, dear reader :D

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