Burnt Bridges

Disagreements and squabbles are an unavoidable part of all relationships. But where there is a strong bond of underlying love and friendship, it is usually easy to get over all those little disruptions and patch things up.

There are times though, when people say/do something so mean and hurtful that completely cuts through that bond too. Those relationships, then, are like burnt bridges. And if the fire isn't put out in time, it becomes impossible to salvage the bridge... i.e. the relationship.

You may have been very close to those people once upon a time, but suddenly they feel like complete strangers to you. And you realize that you just don't want to share any part of your life with them anymore.

That "bond" isn't there anymore, you see. The "bridge" that once helped you cross over to each other, regardless of the distance, is now completely destroyed... destroyed by the fire in their words and actions.

P.S. - May the bridges we burn light our way.

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Abhiroop Banerjee said...

"May the bridges we burn light our way". Hear hear!

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...


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