Silly Saturday: Wishlist 2012

Wishlist 2012: Happy New Year
Dear readers,

A Very Happy New Year to you !!!

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Wordless Wednesday: Take Your Pick

Original Picture by my very talented blog buddy - Megha Agrawal @ Subtle Strokes of Imagination.
Thanks for letting me use this, Megha! :D

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Creative Avalanche

Why are you hit by a sudden avalanche of blogging ideas when you are so busy that you don't even have time to eat properly?

Come to think of it... why are you hit by a sudden avalanche of cooking ideas (Read: "Culinary Experiments") at the same hectic time in life?

I ought to note them down somewhere.


It's total chaos here these days.

The notebook that was, once upon a time, meant for my blog posts, is now full of lists -- wedding lists, packing lists, shopping lists, things-to-do lists, what-lists-to-make lists...!

Ok, the last one was a bit too much... but you're getting the point, aren't you?

I seriously need to re-organize my personal space.

And in the meantime, I need to note down these blog ideas somewhere... maybe I'll just put them all in a new post and save it in drafts.

7 Lessons That Indian TV Serials Teach Us

I have voiced my displeasure on Indian TV shows more than once here. But, today, I take it all back. Like all things in life, these slow-moving, seemingly-full-of-cunning TV serials also serve a purpose. They teach us a lot about relationships. They teach us a lot about people. And they teach us about life.

I have been watching only two shows these days, on a regular basis (refer to previous post "Show Time"), and I have already learnt such a lot.

1. Always keep your distance from housewives having no constructive pastime. Since they have little to do in their own life, they WILL interfere in yours. And the more insecure they are of themselves, the more they'll try to disrupt your life.

2. Being in love does not necessarily mean a permanent bed of roses. It doesn't mean you'll always feel on top of the world. That state can be experienced only when both people in the relationship are freely expressing their love for each other. The moment any one person blocks the flow, both suffer. (And their viewers are also forced to experience their agony!)

3. Resistance/refusal to change, or to see a different viewpoint, is what leads to the slow pace of story in TV serials... as well as in life. The more obstinately we stick to our "comfort zone", the more boring and dissatisfying our life becomes. If we want our life and relationships to change, then WE must change, from within. Blaming destiny or any other external "variables" is totally useless.

4. Lack of communication is usually the culprit in all broken/staggering relationships. Most conflicts can be nipped in the bud by having a mature conversation with the people concerned. (Subject to point 5 below)

5. Just like there is day and night, light and dark, there WILL always be both good people and bad people in the world around us. It's up to us to learn to differentiate between the two. And to accept them as they are, without feeling obliged to "change" their ways. (Further subject to point 6 below)

6. People may not always be what they seem to be. Disguising our real self is an art we humans learn at a very early age, as a part of our "101 survival kit". So the reality of most people lies in not what they reveal to you, but in what they cannot reveal to you.

7. When it comes to relationships, most men are as lost as a ship without a compass, on the sea.

So, if your story was to be made into a TV serial, what would it be like? Boring? Interesting? Gloomy? Inspiring?

Would you desire to change anything in that story?

Would you be willing to change yourself for that?

Silly Saturday: Wicked Daydreams

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Reality Sinks In...

BSNL broadband surrendered.
Car sold.
Cartons pulled out from the attic.
Finally, it starts to sink in.
That we are MOVING!

Eight more days.

I wish it was over already.
I wish I was "there" already.

Just eight more days.

New postal address.
New phone number. (Again!!)
New bedroom.
New view from my balcony.
New dreams.
New life.

In just a little over a week!

[can't stop grinning ear-to-ear]

Wordless Wednesday: Eternal Fighter

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Another Century!

A few days ago, it was Sehwag's double century in the news. And today, this is what shows up on my Blogger dashboard...

You see the contents of that red circle above, don't you?

Do you realize what that means?

Yes! It means that this post marks the 5th century on this blog! miss_teerious is now 500 posts old! :D :D :D

I started this space in December 2006... managed to pen down just 5 posts in that one month of 2006.

The year 2007 was even more pathetic... with just 27 posts in the entire year!

And then the activity here increased: 114 posts in 2008, 146 in 2009 (the most "happening" year, I guess) and 112 posts in 2010.

This is the 96th post of 2011. So I suppose I should be able to cross the one-hundred mark this year too.

The future?

Well, I'd rather not comment on it now, because miss_teerious and Kaddu are two different entities, both with their own life force.

While Kaddu has repeatedly tried to destroy miss_teerious in the past, the latter has, so far, always managed to survive.

Which leads me to wonder if it's even worth the effort... messing with this blog anymore... since it always springs back up!

Maybe I should just let it live in peace...

Maybe I will... now...

Lost Battles

Apparently, some questions in life have no answers.

All you can do is play along... until the game's over.

Just two more weeks...

Silly Saturday: Geometric Hallows (???)

Disclaimer: This post is not meant for those who haven't read Harry Potter.

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Friendship... Growth...

Finally Ram Kapoor and Priya become "friends". (Refer to previous post "Show Time!") It's a good thing because friendship is the key requisite for any sustainable relationship. Friendship is what gives you a chance to really know one another... understand one another.

Also, it's nice to see that Ram and Priya's story is moving along at a good pace now. Stories that seem to remain stuck at the same point till the end of eternity tend to get really uninteresting after some time.

Change and growth, apparently, are as vital in relationships as they are in the other aspects of life. Stagnancy, apparently, is not desirable anywhere in life.

Wordless Wednesday: Resolve Conflict

Thursday, December 8, 2011: For once, I'm back-dating a post on this blog. I meant to publish this yesterday under "Wordless Wednesday", but got caught up in other more pressing matters, so couldn't complete the cartoon in time.

How To Resolve Conflict Between Heart and Mind
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Many Lives, One Master

One of my blog buddies made a very accurate observation in his comment on my previous post "I Am Five". He wrote:

"And you survived at least three near-death experiences when your insensitive writer put you in a coma for months on end. Well done bloggy, you showed her!!"

LOL! Not even just coma, I have actually "killed" the blog once -- deleted it completely from the Blogger Dashboard -- but it sprang back to life after a few months!

They say that a cat has nine lives. I wonder how many lives does miss_teerious have.

I Am Five!

miss_teerious turns 5 today!

And she thanks all those people from 3,542 cities, across 132 countries of the world, who have visited her and been friends with her in the last 5 years!

:D :D :D

Silly Saturday: Lateral Thinking

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New Beginnings

Few weeks down the road, and the slate's gonna be cleaner still.

New place.

New people.

New relations.

New life.

Can't truthfully say I'll miss any part of my existence in Patna.

Show Time!

Recently, I've started watching two TV serials on a more-or-less regular basis. One of them is the very popular Bade Acche Lagte Hain on Sony. And the other, Kuch To Log Kahenge, again on Sony, is the remake of that old Pakistani serial, Dhoop Kinare. Yes, that same one which had that female intern doctor called Zoya, who dreamed of long hair so she could wave them around her head! Although her character in the Indian version, Dr. Nidhi Verma, already has beautiful long hair. But that's just a triviality... a pointless observation on my part. What I actually want to write about in this post is about the two main relationships portrayed in these two TV shows.

First, Bade Acche Lagte Hain...

Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor, with less than average acting skills and dialogue delivery, keep on bickering like cats and dogs all the time. While that looked cute initially, I'm finally getting tired of it. It seems like every time she speaks to him, she nags. And every time he speaks to her, he's outright rude... and insulting even.

Now "apparently", these two characters have a strong deep-rooted "understanding" otherwise. So, all this nagging and rudeness doesn't seem to affect either of them. But, I, honestly, can't imagine myself in such a relationship for any length of time. Occasional "nok-jhok" is fine, but such constant "word war" all the time... that's outright mean! And no, it doesn't translate to being witty, not when it goes on ALL the time! Besides, aren't there so many other ways of battling your wits against each other? Is it really necessary to be so rude and hurtful all the time?

Well, I'm not sure how long I'll continue watching this serial, but, coming to Kuch To Log Kahenge now...

The relationship between Dr. Ashutosh and Dr. Nidhi is more of my taste. Innocent persuasion instead of nagging. And silent appreciation instead of rude criticism. No verbal declarations of everlasting love. And yet, their actions speak volumes. She going beyond her comfort zone and making tea for him. He wearing the yellow t-shirt she gifted, in complete contrast with his normally colorless world. A very visible desire to mold themselves for the other person's happiness.

And why not? What's wrong in it? If it makes that special someone happy, then what's the harm in doing it? Inflexibility, ego, stubbornness... these words aren't synonymous with love at all.

That being said, these two adorable characters are currently going through a rift in their beautiful relationship. A rift that's been deliberately created by Dr. Ashutosh, who seems to believe he's not the right choice for Dr. Nidhi. Not that he's happy being away from her. He's just making life miserable for her, for himself, and for everyone else around him!

When will people learn that it's totally absurd to involve the mind in matters of the heart? Why do people complicate relationships so much?