30 Days of Me: The First Date...

Day 3 of "30 Days of Me"
Your idea of the perfect first date.

Hmmmmm. Well, the cynic in me... or perhaps I should say "the REALIST in me"... doesn't really expect too much from "first dates" anymore. (Or even 2nd or 3rd or 100th for that matter!) But if I were to honestly answer this... if, say, a genie was to grant me three wishes, one of them mandatorily being that of a perfect first date... then this is what I would wish for... (No not the picture below -- that's just a small part of it -- but the text that follows the picture below.)

The lady in me would love a dash of the old-fashioned chivalry (so hard to find these days!)... fine dining, dancing, flowers, candle-light... all the works... combined with intellectually stimulating conversation!

The little girl in me would love to let her hair loose and be treated to some wild, unadulterated FUN! Do something she's never done before... like riding an elephant maybe! Lots of "masti" and plenty of laughs!

And finally, the woman in me would love a date packed with chemistry and romance -- soft music, starry night, gentle breeze, loads of passion...

So an example of a "perfect first date" for me would perhaps include "some beginners' lessons in paragliding, followed by a dinner in some classy restaurant and then a walk in the moonlight... leading on to *other things*..." :P

Picture Credit: miss_teerious

Coming back to the "realist" me now... I guess if I feel comfortable & relaxed, and can open up & be myself in that guy's company, then it would be just perfect! Doesn't really matter exactly what we do together!

This is my third post for NaBloPoMo September 2011.
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