30 Days of Me: The Evergreen Passion...

Day 29 of "30 Days of Me"
Something you could never get tired of doing.

Blogging, I suppose. Close to 500 posts and 5 years of blogging at miss_teerious, this probably is the longest I've stuck around with anything. (Other than school, I guess!)

There have been times when I took my blog off the public radar, but I continued to write even then... even if just for myself.

And before this blog took birth, I used to narrate my 1000-word expressions through other mediums... random sheets of paper, snail-mails & emails to friends, and even through my old personal homepage - "Kadambari's Home on the Web".

I created that old website almost a decade ago... end of 2001 or early 2002. And I've managed to fit in such a LOT of content there, even with just static HTML and no blogging platform, that it amazes me at times!

I wonder if I'll continue blogging here for a decade... I probably will, so long as Blogger continues to remain free!

I wonder how I'd feel when I go back to my very early posts... probably as amazed as I feel now, while going through my old scribblings!

You know at times I get this crazy desire to ask my friends to return all the snail-mails I ever sent them... so I could read them all again... see what kind of crap I wrote back then... maybe compare it with the crap I write now...! (I know... I already said it was *crazy*, didn't I?)

Anyways, time to go make dinner now. Vacation from cooking gets over today, as I'm back from my over 3-week long stay in Delhi! :P

This is my 29th post for NaBloPoMo September 2011.
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