Sister Does A 'Bella Swan'

Having spent the major part of last night tossing and turning (courtesy 'Power Failure' and 'Mosquitoes'), I finally drifted off to peaceful slumber in the wee hours of morning (when the 'Electricity Gods' finally decided to have mercy on me!), only to be abruptly woken up again by a nightmare! (Yes, another one of those!)

It was night (in my "nightmare"), and a violent thunderstorm was raging outside our house. My sister and I were preparing to crash into our beds, when, suddenly, I saw her going out to our terrace (i.e. the terrace of our house in the dream).

Looking out from the window, I saw some movement in the terrace. There was a figure -- a large monkey or something probably -- crouching in the shadows. As my sister became visible in the frame of the window, I saw the "figure" suddenly leap on her, and grabbing her in his hands, he jumped back, crossing the boundary wall easily in a single leap, my sister screaming in mid-air!

In the dream, I rushed out to the terrace with a loud "Nooooooooooo". In reality, I woke up trembling all over.

As I waited for my heart to stop its thunderous drumming, it suddenly dawned on me that the figure in the terrace looked more like a human than a monkey. But how could a human perform that sort of incredulous leap so effortlessly, with another fully grown human dangling from his hands, and land precisely beyond the boundary wall? No -- I convinced myself -- it must have been a monkey (... or a gorilla, or something similar, you know).

After about half-an-hour or so, with some hot tea inside my drowsy system, the "nightmare" having been "replayed" in my mind a dozen odd times or more, I was finally hit by an "alternate theory"!

And then my sister called.

I told her I had another nightmare today. She asked what it was this time. So I told her - "Tumko chhat se ek bandar utha ke le gaya..." (A monkey took you from our terrace and ran off.)

She repeated in disbelief - "Mere ko bandar utha ke le gaya?" (A monkey took off with me?)

She sounded like this was the craziest thing she'd ever heard in her entire life (which probably it was). So I reluctantly shared my "alternate theory" with her.

"Actually it looked more like a human, so it could have been a vampire instead of a monkey... I'm not sure..."

Her reply was spontaneous... and totally expected! "Agar Edward tha to koi baat nahin..." (If it was Edward, then no problem!)

Feeling something between amusement and exasperation, I told her I already knew she would say something like that. She broke out in sharp uncontrollable giggles!

P.S. - I'm sure most of my female readers are going to react in a similar fashion while going through this post... ("Wish it was Edward...", "Was it Edward?")

P.S. 2 - In fact, I can just hear them giggling too, as they read the above "P.S."!

P.S. 3 - Sighhhhhhhhhhh! Women!

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