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Been absorbed in Linda Goodman's Star Signs lately. Remember my old post - "What's in a Name!"? I hinted at a prospective name change in that post. Well, that name change has finally taken place. After much deliberation, I have changed my name from "Kadambari Singhania" to "Chicky Kadambari".

Yes, yes... I know. Some of you are really observant and would have noticed that my old post mentioned "Chikki" and not "Chicky". Well I have changed the spelling of my former nickname, and adopted it as my official first name now. And my former first name has become my last name.

Why keep a first name as your surname? Haahhh! Apparently, your folks can live with you changing the name they gave you, but they cannot live with you adopting a last name from some different caste (or even a different gotra for that matter!) And the Singhal gotra of the Marwari clan doesn't give you too many choices of probable surnames. Eventually I decided to simply drop the caste/gotra qualifier from my name, and took a neutral surname.

I could have become "Kadambari Chicky", but then I realized that very few people actually use a person's last name when referring to him/her. So it wouldn't have made that much change in the vibrations.

Moreover, "Kadambari", reducing to a 9, is rendering a slightly over-aggressive touch to my personality, whereas "Chicky", giving a 6 (for Venus), adds a touch of the feminine to my nature. Therefore, making it more suitable as a more-used first name for me.

Overall, "Chicky Kadambari" gives me the Compound Number of 15, and the Single Number of 6 again. And I have already written about both 15 and 6 in my previous post (although in the context of a different name change possibility, which I didn't much like on second thoughts).

I must say though... I have been blessed with some real crazy friends! Giving me a shorter nickname of "Kaddu" did make sense when my first name was the gigantic "Kadambari". But, seeking permission to call me "Cheeku" now, when my first name is already a short and sweet nickname... now that's totally completely insanely weird!

Chill fellas! Even if I'm not a fruit anymore, I still remain deliciously edible though, don't I? After all, "Chicky" is also a food, right! Oh ok then, it ain't a food... "Chikki" is the food! But hey! It sounds equally sweet, don't it?

So I go from 'fruity' to 'nutty'!

P.S. - If you ask those who are really close to me, they'll tell you that 'nutty' is definitely more apt for me... in fact, 'nutty' IS 'me'!

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Meena said...

now serve me some chikki ;)

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

LOL! Meena, come over to Jaipur in winters... we get awesome chikki here then! :D

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