End of March, 2011

I did not take my prescribed daily dose of Montelukast Sodium (refer to my previous post "Modern Medicine: NOT God!") for 2 days.

Result: The pitting edema in my legs magically diminished by at least 60-70%! The asthma got severely aggravated though. So started taking the medicine again from the third day. But after that 2-day break, I was acutely aware of the pain in my legs, as the skin stretched to accommodate all that swelling from fluid retention. Terrible.

1st April, 2011

I reduced the dose of the above medicine to half.

Result: The swelling in legs reduced to about 40-50%. The asthma was manageable if I didn't expose myself to things I was allergic to.

1st July, 2011

Been 3 months on half dose of Montelukast Sodium. Visited Delhi twice during this period. Also visited Kanpur during my first trip to Delhi. Had to revert to the full dose for about 10 days during that trip, because of exposure to the extreme pollution levels in Kanpur.

Result: Apart from that one occasion, no major problems so far. Yes, the lungs have felt strained several times, whenever I have been careless enough to work in dust or over-exercise, but haven't had to take antibiotics yet on any of those times. Regular Reiki sessions would help more, but life is slightly hectic at the moment.

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