Modern Medicine: NOT God!

Several decades ago, modern medicine came across as a miracle of God, providing cures for diseases which used to claim many lives back then. The same cannot be held true today though.

Take a look at these 2 graphs from a study created by eHealthMe, based on reports from FDA and community.

On Feb, 25, 2011, some 29,425 people reported to have side effects when taking Montelukast Sodium. Out of those reported cases (and there would obviously be many thousands of unreported ones!) 0.29% people reported having Water Retention (among which 77.65% were females):


And, on Mar, 22, 2011, (i.e. today) 29,709 people had reported to have side effects when taking Montelukast Sodium. Among these reported cases, 0.16% have Hypothyroidism (out of which, 78.00% were females):


Other side effects of this drug include asthma (Which is funny really, because this drug is prescribed for asthma!), bronchitis, wheezing, gastrointestinal infections, depression, suicidal ideation, drowsiness, muscle aches, insomnia and other sleep disorders. A shocking 4.93% people on this drug even attempted suicide! (Source:

Other links for reading:


My Question:

Why prescribe a drug which could create such severe side effects? (Suicide!!!) This isn't a life-saver medicine anyway... it has absolutely no effect in acute asthma attacks. It is only preventive in nature, and that too with no guarantee. In fact, as can be seen from the side effects mentioned above (and in the reference links given here), it can actually even aggravate asthma and breathing problems! What's the whole point of even making such a drug then? It's as good as giving you a pill for heart attack which could worsen the heart attack! How do such crappy drugs even get approved for mass usage?

Bottom line:

Modern medicine might have been a miracle healing system once upon a time. But today, it is completely in the hands of money-monger capitalists who care a damn about playing with the lives of millions of unsuspecting people all over the world for their own selfish greed! Modern medicine is no longer "God"!

Bigger Picture:

I was prescribed this drug a few years ago, at a time when I was really in need of some easy way to get my "well-wishers" to stop nagging me about marriage. In case you have missed my previous post on this, here's the link again... "Finding Answers". So, in short, this medicine served that perfect purpose in my life back then. Hence, it found its way into my prescription. But, it doesn't serve that purpose now. Therefore, I found out about these side effects only now and not earlier.

Newer Bottom line:

There are good things in the world, and there are bad things. What we attract is always based on what we need at that point of time. In other words...

Everything that happens in our life (good or bad) is an answer to one of our prayers.

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Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So, basically now you are not on this medication, if so, then veeeeeery good. If not, leave it ASAP. :P

Kaddu said...

Yes BA :) Have discontinued it.

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