Today, I tackled one of the cupboards in the house that hadn't been subjected to a thorough cleaning for over five years. Reason: Sister and I were "separated" some time back then (she in Delhi, me in Patna), and I couldn't make myself go through it alone because it's so full of our combined childhood memories.

But engagements and weddings are occasions for revisiting those long-lost memory lanes. So I finally got around to it.

Among other things, I found this old photograph of moi... (don't laugh okay!):

Before you even ask me... no, I have no clue why I was dressed up like that and wearing a garland like that! I also don't know why I had that artificial smile pasted on my lips like that! And, I'm also led to wonder about the very visible double chin (even the neck looks kind of swollen) and those pudgy hands! Did I have Hypothyroid back then too? Or worse... had I been put on a prolonged dose of corticosteroids back then?

It could have been possible, as everyone in my family (on my mother's side, as well as Dad's side), except my Dad, have always been crazy about medicines! Modern medicine had been akin to God in our grandparents' times, and they passed on that reverence to our parents too. My Dad... well he's as much a freak as I am. So he didn't catch on this craze. I vividly remember his squabbles with Mom regarding what treatment I was to be given for cough and cold. Mom obviously liked antibiotics and "miracle-drugs", whereas Dad is of the "ginger-juice-mixed-with-honey" type. And guess what! Mom always won! :D

So anyways, I'll have to ask Dad about the possibility of me being subjected to corticosteroids back then. It sure would explain a lot of things. But the trouble is that most doctors do not disclose that their prescription contains corticosteroids. Back in 2002, I was prescribed a couple of rotocaps for Asthma on continued daily dose (2-3 times/day). And it was only towards the end of 2004 that Dad realized I had developed a maniacal affinity for cream biscuits! (My body gained more than 12 kilograms weight during that period!) He consulted another doctor then, and we found out that one of those rotocaps contained corticosteroids! I stopped using the rotocaps, and automatically stopped having those sweet cravings too! (Only those extra kilos remained... to strengthen my distrust against doctors!)

Oh well, never mind. This post wasn't meant to be about medicines and doctors anyway! You start writing about something else, but you end up writing something completely different! Huhh! I guess I will continue about the other "treasures" discovered today, in my future posts (whenever they happen).

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Want to Add Something?

Roshmi Sinha said...

Wow! All golu molu :)

Nostalgia is really priceless...

Kaddu said...

oh yeah Roshmi... and loads of it right now...

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Sometimes I wish I could yank my thyroid gland out and give it a rich spanking. Seriously, if there is another word for thyroid in the medical dictionary, it has got to be 'a**hole'. 7 years after what was supposed to be the end of puberty mine still can't decide whether to go hyper or hypo.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

LOL @ Obhi! Seriously? Yours too? Ha ha! Welcome to the club! :D

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

A club full of nuts. Nuts on a life-long hormone driven emotional roller-coaster. Nuts who're never sure when their favourite pair of jeans will one day refuse to fit around them. Nuts who love everyone and hate everyone at the same bloody time!

Many qualified nuts don't even know that they should be a part of it.

Nuts apart, it is cute picture. You must have got your cheeks squeezed often :-)

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

"Cute picture"? Hahahahaha! All my school friends refer to it as my "mulayam singh yadav" picture! :p

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

LOL @ "mulayam singh yadav picture".

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...


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