Modern Medicine: NOT God!

Several decades ago, modern medicine came across as a miracle of God, providing cures for diseases which used to claim many lives back then. The same cannot be held true today though.

Take a look at these 2 graphs from a study created by eHealthMe, based on reports from FDA and community.

On Feb, 25, 2011, some 29,425 people reported to have side effects when taking Montelukast Sodium. Out of those reported cases (and there would obviously be many thousands of unreported ones!) 0.29% people reported having Water Retention (among which 77.65% were females):


And, on Mar, 22, 2011, (i.e. today) 29,709 people had reported to have side effects when taking Montelukast Sodium. Among these reported cases, 0.16% have Hypothyroidism (out of which, 78.00% were females):


Other side effects of this drug include asthma (Which is funny really, because this drug is prescribed for asthma!), bronchitis, wheezing, gastrointestinal infections, depression, suicidal ideation, drowsiness, muscle aches, insomnia and other sleep disorders. A shocking 4.93% people on this drug even attempted suicide! (Source:

Other links for reading:


My Question:

Why prescribe a drug which could create such severe side effects? (Suicide!!!) This isn't a life-saver medicine anyway... it has absolutely no effect in acute asthma attacks. It is only preventive in nature, and that too with no guarantee. In fact, as can be seen from the side effects mentioned above (and in the reference links given here), it can actually even aggravate asthma and breathing problems! What's the whole point of even making such a drug then? It's as good as giving you a pill for heart attack which could worsen the heart attack! How do such crappy drugs even get approved for mass usage?

Bottom line:

Modern medicine might have been a miracle healing system once upon a time. But today, it is completely in the hands of money-monger capitalists who care a damn about playing with the lives of millions of unsuspecting people all over the world for their own selfish greed! Modern medicine is no longer "God"!

Bigger Picture:

I was prescribed this drug a few years ago, at a time when I was really in need of some easy way to get my "well-wishers" to stop nagging me about marriage. In case you have missed my previous post on this, here's the link again... "Finding Answers". So, in short, this medicine served that perfect purpose in my life back then. Hence, it found its way into my prescription. But, it doesn't serve that purpose now. Therefore, I found out about these side effects only now and not earlier.

Newer Bottom line:

There are good things in the world, and there are bad things. What we attract is always based on what we need at that point of time. In other words...

Everything that happens in our life (good or bad) is an answer to one of our prayers.

Award Time Again!

And no... it's not a Blog Award this time! It's a tangible 3-dimensional award... and this particular award has been given to Kaddu and not miss_teerious! :D Here's a picture of it...

Hahaha! That's me of course... wearing my "award"!

I won this T-shirt at a very interesting contest held at Fried Eye (a variety feature magazine, published by a team which is led by Pramathesh Borkotoky).

Fried Eye has recently launched their own range of custom-printed T-shirts and other goodies. As a matter of fact, I'm the first person to own one of their products. So I guess I'm doing the "ribbon-cutting ceremony" for them! Hahahahaha!

Well, you can find their official merchandise catalog on the Facebook page of Fried Eye.

And here's a picture of the T-shirt's back... (I realized that it was printed on the back too only after I took it off!)

@ Pramathesh: The T-shirt rocks, dude! Thanks once again for it. Looking forward to more such contests... where I win free goodies! Hahahahahah! ;-)


There are times when I soooooo wish that I could draw. If I could, then this is what I would have drawn...

. . . . .

A fork in the road ahead...

Two branches breaking off it...

First - A well-built road, with all the proper signs and milestones; wide enough to accommodate a complete family wagon/truck; same-leveled at all points along it.

Second - A barely visible mud-track, strewn with pebbles and boulders and pits and every other obstruction conceivable; narrow, single lane, one-way only; could lead to the greatest heights imaginable, or to the lowest depths seen in your worst nightmares.

. . . . .



Today, I tackled one of the cupboards in the house that hadn't been subjected to a thorough cleaning for over five years. Reason: Sister and I were "separated" some time back then (she in Delhi, me in Patna), and I couldn't make myself go through it alone because it's so full of our combined childhood memories.

But engagements and weddings are occasions for revisiting those long-lost memory lanes. So I finally got around to it.

Among other things, I found this old photograph of moi... (don't laugh okay!):

Before you even ask me... no, I have no clue why I was dressed up like that and wearing a garland like that! I also don't know why I had that artificial smile pasted on my lips like that! And, I'm also led to wonder about the very visible double chin (even the neck looks kind of swollen) and those pudgy hands! Did I have Hypothyroid back then too? Or worse... had I been put on a prolonged dose of corticosteroids back then?

It could have been possible, as everyone in my family (on my mother's side, as well as Dad's side), except my Dad, have always been crazy about medicines! Modern medicine had been akin to God in our grandparents' times, and they passed on that reverence to our parents too. My Dad... well he's as much a freak as I am. So he didn't catch on this craze. I vividly remember his squabbles with Mom regarding what treatment I was to be given for cough and cold. Mom obviously liked antibiotics and "miracle-drugs", whereas Dad is of the "ginger-juice-mixed-with-honey" type. And guess what! Mom always won! :D

So anyways, I'll have to ask Dad about the possibility of me being subjected to corticosteroids back then. It sure would explain a lot of things. But the trouble is that most doctors do not disclose that their prescription contains corticosteroids. Back in 2002, I was prescribed a couple of rotocaps for Asthma on continued daily dose (2-3 times/day). And it was only towards the end of 2004 that Dad realized I had developed a maniacal affinity for cream biscuits! (My body gained more than 12 kilograms weight during that period!) He consulted another doctor then, and we found out that one of those rotocaps contained corticosteroids! I stopped using the rotocaps, and automatically stopped having those sweet cravings too! (Only those extra kilos remained... to strengthen my distrust against doctors!)

Oh well, never mind. This post wasn't meant to be about medicines and doctors anyway! You start writing about something else, but you end up writing something completely different! Huhh! I guess I will continue about the other "treasures" discovered today, in my future posts (whenever they happen).

Myriad of Emotions: Anxiety

No I'm not exactly biting my nails yet, (I don't think I do that) but, there's a lot going on these days. (Discussing, planning, sorting; very soon shopping and other arrangements will also begin.)

And I just don't have the urge or inspiration to blog, as my mind is so completely preoccupied with "other stuff". (I can barely remember to check my mail lately!)

In short, I've got to take off again from my blog... yeah, in the middle of this round of NaBloPoMo. Too bad, I know. But I really want to exploit this idea (of emotions) in a more creative way. And this current anxiety is consuming all my creative juices in a completely different direction.

So I'll do this theme some other time. Will try to update this space off and on whenever I can. (Not too often, I'm afraid!) See you guys later...

This is my eighth post for NaBloPoMo March 2011.

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Myriad of Emotions: Exhaustion

The day:


I wish:

This is my seventh post for NaBloPoMo March 2011.

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Myriad of Emotions: Pride

My article got published in the March 2011 issue of Life Positive (! :D

It's an article on "Chakra Healing With Crystals"... 3 pages long! Just imagine! They gave a space of three pages in their magazine to a never-published-before writer! I'm so full of pride that I'm on top of the world right now! :D

By the way, I don't think too many of my regular readers have any clue about Chakras and Crystal Healing etc. But Human Chakras is a topic that I'm really passionate about. Imbalances in Chakras are the root cause of all our sufferings - mental, physical, emotional and even material (as in financial prosperity etc.)!

In this article, I have not only written about the common crystals used for each of the main seven Chakras in our body, but I've also given a brief synopsis of those Chakras -- their location, their primary function, the physical organs and systems they govern, and the effects of any imbalances in any of them.

I've tried to write this article as simply as I could, keeping in mind a complete layman with no prior knowledge of any of these things. So hopefully, it should make sense to all of you. Please DO give your feedback on the article. If you can get a printed copy of the magazine, it would be superb. Otherwise, here are the scanned copies of the 3 pages of my article. You can click on the images to view them in large (readable) size.




For further reading on Chakras, you can check out one of my old posts - "The Chakra System and Energy Healing".

This is my sixth post for NaBloPoMo March 2011.

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Myriad of Emotions: Emptiness

Is that an emotion? It must be. 'Coz that's what I'm feeling today. Empty. Hollow. Like I don't even exist. Like a part of my soul is missing. A big part. Or maybe all of it.

I feel like re-visiting a part of my past that I was forced to leave behind. As if a part of me was left behind there somewhere, and I need to go back and reclaim it.

But the thing is... we humans have a tendency of excessively glorifying the past. "The Good Old Days!" Even if I do eventually decide to go back there for a visit, in all likelihood, I'll find nothing there even remotely resembling the past. (Or at least that *filtered version* of the past retained in my memories!)

But perhaps I will find that part of me that I am missing. Perhaps I will feel a little less empty, a little less hollow.

You know what, I don't like this particular round of NaBloPoMo. I had no idea I was so averse to processing my feelings. I've done four posts so far, and all of them were from the positive end of the emotional spectrum (Love, Inspiration, Happiness, and Enthusiasm). Today also, I kept going through the list over and over again, in an attempt to find another positive emotion I could relate to (like I did on Day 2). There is an instinctive impulse to *bury* any emotion not falling in the positive spectrum. ("Shoo! If I don't acknowledge you, then you're not there!")

Why is it so important to express ALL your emotions anyway? What good does it really do if one accepts that one is hurt or angry or miserable or jealous or scared or any of those scores of other negative emotions? Does it change the circumstances in any way? No, right? So why bother to acknowledge them or express them or anything? Why not simply ignore them or distract yourself with something else? What difference does it really make?

So I'm feeling empty. There. I acknowledged it, accepted it, and expressed it. Now what? So pointless...

I'm not sure if I'll complete this *emotional digging*.

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Myriad of Emotions: Enthusiasm

Name one task for which enthusiasm is a must requirement. Okay, I guess enthusiasm is required for practically everything in life. But, for me personally, the one task that simply CANNOT be done without *overflowing* enthusiasm, is SHOPPING!

Yesssss! Today I went shopping... and with what enthusiasm, oh! I'm proud of myself today!

Actually, I feel that the day itself was loaded with enthusiasm today! Even the salesmen at the shops were digging through their stock with so much extra enthusiasm, hunting for that "perfect" item that would appease my choosy temperament!

And the goods too seemed to be overly enthusiastic to get sold today! So many varieties, so many different designs... all seemed to be screaming "Take Me! Take Me!"... like adorable little puppies!

Usually, I can rarely find something here that I like enough to buy. But since I do most of my shopping at the very last minute, (I keep procrastinating this daunting task for as long as I can!) I'm forced to compromise and buy whatever is available. Today also, this "shopping expedition" had been undertaken because of my upcoming Delhi trip. The only difference was that today, somehow, the "Shopping Gods" seemed to have mercy on me! [grin]

Oh yeah... I also came back on Facebook today... again with much enthusiasm! And enthusiastically will I stay there now... socializing, bugging people to read my blog posts, sharing senseless updates, and commenting on other equally senseless updates by my friends... until it's time for yet another social hibernation! [bigger grin]

P.S. - So much enthusiasm is not always good, you know. For instance, this NaBloPoMo... it really wasn't a very good time for me to start another round of daily blogging right now. But I got carried away in the enthusiasm! Ahhh, but that's okay I guess. We can't always wait for things to be perfect before taking on something, right?

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Myriad of Emotions: Happiness

Today, I'm in my happy place. Today, something happened in the afternoon -- a sudden streak of partial enlightenment -- that suddenly changed my entire perspective about something!

Or, to put it more accurately, my entire perspective about that particular "thorn-in-my-life" just collapsed... because it was built on a completely false foundation... a totally baseless, senseless foundation!

In simple words... "I was WRONG! All this while, I was absolutely wrong!" :D :D :D

Makes sense? No? Never mind. Hehehe! If you really want to read something sensible on this topic, written by me... then let me recommend one of my older posts... one of my very favorite posts on this blog... "Happiness".

And here's a good quote I found on happiness...

That's all for today folks. Loads of hugs for all of you! :D

This is my third post for NaBloPoMo March 2011.

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Myriad of Emotions: Inspiration

Imagine all your skills and resources piled up as chunks of firewood...

Inspiration is the spark that makes a fire out of that pile of wood.

Sheer talent without inspiration is just as good as a pile of wood on a cold winter day, but no match to light it.

Today happens to be such a day. Can't find my inner spark today...

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Myriad of Emotions: Love

Mukesh was asked to sit in the waiting lounge of the psychiatrist's private clinic, as his wife was subjected to electric shock treatment inside. She was suffering from some severe kind of "depression" which made her quite violent at times.

They had been married for more than 20 years now. But she hadn't always been like this. Once upon a time, she'd been a charming girl... very sweet-natured, all smiles all the while! And then life threw her a hand she couldn't deal with.

But he still remembered her the way she used to be many years ago. He still remembered how she cared. And he still loved her for all those zillions of moments in his life that SHE had made worth living!

Yes, now she did make life hell for him. At times, she said such awful things to him that hurt his heart like cold steel daggers. And that made him wonder - "How much must she be hurting inside to say such cruel things to the man she loves the most in the entire world?"

In one of her violent storms, she'd even "walked-out" on him and their home, saying she would never come back. He had simply gone to the terrace, noticed which way she turned after reaching the end of their lane, given her a few minutes to cool down, and then gone right after her, and brought her back home.

People often asked him why he didn't get a divorce, for she was becoming quite insane. But leaving her when she most needed him was simply unthinkable for him.

For him, love wasn't about looking pretty all the time, showering expensive gifts, or singing duets around the trees. Love meant giving the other person the freedom to be the best, as well as the worst, they could possibly be... while continuing to believe in them as they experienced this wide spectrum of their own personality.

No, he wasn't going to leave her, no matter what she said to him.

Old Couple In LoveThe doctor called him back in his chamber, gave him the prescription for his wife, and said he could take her home now. Mukesh walked up to her, placed one warm arm over her shoulders, and helping her up, said softly, "Come... let's go home now."

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