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I seem to be obsessed with my blog! There have been so many occasions in the past 4 years when I've felt like completely deleting it from the blogosphere. Yes, during my "social hibernation" spells. But then I simply couldn't make myself do it. It's like there's this voice in my head which says if I delete "miss_teerious", I will be just one step short of deleting "Kaddu" too.

This blog is still required for my sanity. There's still so much bottled inside me seeking an outlet for expression... and this blog is the only medium through which I'm able to express myself -- i.e. REALLY express myself.

Self Expression
I have never been very good at self expression. Especially when it comes to processing feelings. I can easily give you the precise instructions for any technical stuff in complete layman's terms. But if someday you ask me why I'm being so irritable, I won't be able to answer you. (And of course, that will just irritate me more!)

I guess there's a lack of proper connection between my emotional layer and mental/physical layer. Well things are definitely screwed up quite a bit, it seems. When I'm angry, I react with a totally misfit calmness and quiet. When I'm hurt, I try to joke about it. Fear makes me violent. And deep... deep love and kindness starts an avalanche of tears like nothing else! Usually though, I'm just seen with a ":D" on my face.

Major mismatch, right? It's like anything has been plugged into anything... at random! Total chaos!

And my blog helps me find my way back to the shore whenever I'm caught in any such chaotic and turbulent emotional whirlpools.

Sometimes I write here. Sometimes I just surf through the old posts at random. Sometimes I go through the various reports in Google Analytics, and find out which country is visiting "miss_teerious" most often, what phrases are being searched for the most, and which posts rank high in the popularity list.

At yet other times, when I need to indulge in a slightly more mentally absorbing activity, to keep my hyperactive mind under control (refer to the post "Live Life: Don’t Focus On Negative Thoughts"), I look for more blog tweaks to apply on "miss_teerious", and then I implement them here.

For instance, I recently ended up customizing my blog feed. If you want to see what I mean, just scroll to the top of my blog and click on that cartoon girl at the top-left. (For all my non-blogger readers... that is the "RSS feed" page of my blog. And no, I don't know why they call it "feed"!) You'll see a small message from me on that page now. (The paragraph at the beginning.)

Also, at the end of every post on that page, you'll see several short "blue links" now. ("Share on Facebook", "Twit This" etc.) They have been put there to help you interact with me and "miss_teerious" more easily. They will also show up in Google Reader or any other feed reader that you use to stay connected with "miss_teerious".

Another thing I've added here is the custom post footer on the blog. Just take a look at the end of this post. You'll find a section called "WHAT NOW?" (You'll see it only if you're reading this post on the actual blog - not in a feed reader.) Again... just trying to make the interaction part easier for my readers.

Actually, the visitor statistics for my blog revealed that a major chunk of my readers are not blog-savvy. That's because I don't really interact much with hardcore bloggers. A major percentage of my active online friend circle consists of people who do not blog. So it makes sense to simplify things here for them.

So much for today then... got to go have breakfast now. See you all later... ciao.

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Want to Add Something?

Roshmi Sinha said...

Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. Nice to know your thoughts :D

... Errr... what did ya have for breakfast? You haven't mentioned any of those culinary delights here :x

Kaddu said...

Hahahaha! Just simple paratha-sabji, Roshmi! :D

katie said...

hi kaddu, thanks again for linking to my blog and letting me know :) i like what you wrote here. i'm also very emotional. i think it's very important for very emotional people to do their best to have healthy outlets for our self-expression. so good for you for finding ways to express yourself and understand what you feel and why. wishing you all the best! :)

Kaddu said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for dropping by and for your words of encouragement. Will be interacting more with your blog... take care...

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