"The Proposal" Contest

Childrens' Day, Fathers' Day, Mothers' Day, Friendship Day, Valentine's Day, Rose Day, and now "Propose Day"! The term has been "trending" on my Facebook since morning. So today must be this special "Propose Day", though I've never heard of it before in my last 33 years on this planet! I guess people are constantly looking for more reasons to celebrate life. Well life is meant to be a celebration really. So I don't blame them!

The-ProposalBut coming back to the "Propose Day", I'm reminded of this very bizarre and completely crazy "proposal" a close friend of mine made to a girl several years ago!

This friend was a very handsome cut-surd... the younger bro of my team-mate at office. He was the quintessential Punjabi hunk... good physique, decently muscular, fair, with an absolutely dazzling smile, naughty eyes, sophisticated looks, and a totally flirtatious attitude! He used to work at some place in Gurgaon. Let's call him 'D' okay.

So 'D' saw this equally gorgeous looking female at his office... in the reception area or some other place (I can't remember now), and he wanted to be friends with her. Now we all know men, right! They can never go up to a girl and simply say "Hello"! They have to try and make an "impression"! Besides, we women also usually don't give such bland "fraandship requests" a second glance! So this is what my friend 'D' did.

He went up to the girl with a very serious expression on his face, and said "Excuse me, are you a sardarni?"

She was a sardarni, he already knew that! It's usually very easy to make out a sardarni! So she said "yes".

'D' then wrote down his phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to her, saying "Will you please give this to your Dad and ask him to call? My Dad is looking for a sardarni bride for my elder brother. And you seem very suitable."

LOL! Wicked, right! But he apparently managed to make that impression... they became good friends eventually.

Incidentally, he's the same "handsome hunk with whom I've sung romantic duets". (I don't look like the type to sing romantic duets, I know... I guess looks CAN be deceptive!) What actually happened was that we stayed in the same colony, and he wanted to woo flirt with one of the two young sisters, who were visiting their aunt for the summer holidays, in the flat above mine. And I was helping him do that. (I don't look that type either, I know!)

We finally managed to get the girl to call him. But, in the process, we also got a major scolding from his elder bro (my team-mate), who was a more mature "Edward Cullen" kind of guy, AND (you won't believe this!) my flatmate and I almost got thrown out of the flat because our nosy neighbors complained to our landlord! (No, not because of our singing -- we really weren't that bad as singers -- but because of the fact that we were singing romantic duets in public! Typical narrow Indian mentality, you know!)

Well never mind...

Here's wishing a Happy "Propose Day" to everyone reading this post. Please do share your own memorable "proposal" experiences here. The top 3 entries submitted in this "The Proposal" Contest will get featured on "miss_teerious".


1. Submit your "proposal" as a comment on this post. (It can be a proposal you made to someone, or someone made to you, or even the one that your Dad made to your Mom! It can also be fictitious - in prose or verse!)

2. Last date for submissions: 15th February, 2011

3. Everyone can participate in this contest, including non-bloggers and non-Indians.

4. Only English submissions will be eligible for the contest.

5. The winning entries will be selected by me. [grins]

6. The winning posts will be published here between Feb 16-20, 2011.

For any questions, feel free to leave a comment. You can also email me using the email link under the Contact options in the sidebar.

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