Mother... and No Mother!

She's your source of all inspiration.
She encourages you to surpass your limitation.

She's the cool soft moonlight wherein dreams are born.
She's the smile that sets right all wrong.

Her belief in you makes you believe yourself.
Her pride in you makes you proud of yourself.

She celebrates every tiny step you take.
And when you stumble and fall, she helps you up and calls for a "retake".

Against the harsh criticism of the world, she's an impenetrable armour.
Through her eyes, you're able to see the perfection that you are.

She protects you from the scorching sun and stormy waters of life.
She is the cord that connects you to planet Earth all the time.

. . . . .

MotherBut then one day...
She's gone.
Just like that.

No goodbyes.
No parting hugs.
No final words of wisdom.

Not even the gentle reassurance,
that "Don't be afraid,
I'll watch over you."

. . . . .

You feel betrayed,

You want to scream,
Smash everything that is breakable.

You want to complain to Dad,
About her leaving you like that.

You want to cry...
Cry so much.

. . . . .

But, you are told by "well wishers",
To check those tears, and be strong.

You keep waiting to hear the words,
"Your mother is gone, but we're still here. We'll look after you."

Instead, all you get to hear is,
"Now you have to look after your Dad and sister."

. . . . .

More than 14 years later, you're still left wondering "Why?"
Why are you the only one who doesn't need "looking after"?

And then you wonder if you're made of some different stuff...
Stuff like old Arnie was made of in Terminator II perhaps.

You wonder why you're unable to see yourself the way others apparently do.
Like a robot. Or the Superman. Or maybe the Mount Everest.

Eventually, you just come to the conclusion...
That those "others" need to start wearing glasses!

. . .

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Want to Add Something?

Roshmi Sinha said...

Poignant... is all I can say...

Kaddu said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

True, yet, the one who realizes this has really grown up to have realized this. And She'll watch over you nevertheless, from above. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Kaddu said...

Thanks BA :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Btw... whatever happened to your NaBloPoMo streak... ???

Kaddu said...

Just caught up in stuff Roshmi. But the next one planned is on recipes. Some traveling lined up for the next couple of months. So won't be able to blog everyday.

Rashmi said...

I could see through each word, what it said and what left completely unsaid...

I am dealing with this too...
Hugs di :)

Kaddu said...

Hugs to you too Rashmi :)

Feel free to drop me a mail if you feel like talking ok. Take care...

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