KBL Mar 2011: In-A-Word Blogging!

Hey guys! The theme for March NaBloPoMo is "In A Word". Which means that every day in March, we got to pick one word as our blog topic, and then write anything related to that topic.

Let me copy-paste the mail I just received from the site:

IN A WORD. It's meant to be both an inspiration and a challenge: you can choose a word (perhaps by going to either Save the Words (http://www.savethewords.org/) or One Word (http://oneword.com/) to build a post around, or you can try to find one word that sums up whatever's going on in your life each day when you sit down to compose your post. You can talk about the power of words, your favorite words, or what happens when we're at a loss for words. And naturally photobloggers are granted the right to gather up a thousand words and present them in the best daily images they can produce.

What say? Anybody game for this? The theme sounds interesting... should be fun to do. We could do a post on a specific word in so many different ways - prose, verse, fiction, micro-fiction, photograph, cartoon... or even a combination!

We could all choose our own different words everyday, or we could decide to blog about the same word. I found this List of Human Emotions (http://www.self-improvement-mentor.com/list-of-human-emotions.html) in Google search. Thinking of selecting one emotion from this list every day and blogging about it.

Do let me know if any of you would like to join in. Would be an interesting opportunity to explore our creativity.

"2011 Mar KBL: Myriad of Emotions"

Myriad of Human Emotions


I could not complete this round of KBL-T30 eventually. Following are the 8 posts filed in this series:

Day 1 - Myriad of Emotions: Love
Day 2 - Myriad of Emotions: Inspiration
Day 3 - Myriad of Emotions: Happiness
Day 4 - Myriad of Emotions: Enthusiasm
Day 5 - Myriad of Emotions: Emptiness
Day 6 - Myriad of Emotions: Pride
Day 7 - Myriad of Emotions: Exhaustion
Day 8 - Myriad of Emotions: Anxiety

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Want to Add Something?

Venice said...

Sounds good! I'm in!! I've been scratching my head over what to write on my Blog and this seems like a good opportunity to have something to talk and write about!

I've never done this NaBloPoMo thingy, if you don't mind, could you please tell me what it's basically about? Like, what does NaBloPoMo stand for?

Kaddu said...

Hi Venice! :)

NaBloPoMo is the short for National blog Posting Month. We need to write 1 blog post every day throughout the month we are participating in. (No word limit or anything... can even be just a photo blog throughout the month.)

I have already done this twice before. Just check the menu bar on the top of my blog.

This time I'm going to pick one human emotion every day and blog about it in some way -- regular post, poetry, micro fiction, photographs or cartoons... whatever strikes me that day.

Guess I'll start with "Love" today.

Venice said...

Thanks Kaddu!! I'm not sure if I can do it everyday, but I sure will try to do it! I like the list of emotions you've found and think it's a good way to write on a certain topic...

Thanks for introducing me to this interesting concept of NaBloPoMo!

See ya! :)

Kaddu said...

You're welcome, Venice! :D

Based on my last 2 experiences with this, I realized that having a pre-decided specific theme for the entire month made it easier to blog daily, as the mind got a central point to focus upon.

Plus, at the end of the month, you got a nice collection of related posts! Added bonus! :D

Looking forward to reading your posts...

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