New Year, New Eccentricities

I just came here to blog, and saw this unpublished post sitting in my Drafts folder. I guess I was supposed to look for an image to go with this post, but then it slipped out of my mind. Publishing it now, though it was supposed to go online on January 2nd.
. . . . .

The New Year, 2011, descended with a blast... bringing with it new eccentricities, new aspirations! Perhaps it's got something to do with the strange combination of numbers this year holds for me. I will turn 33 this year... which is a double number (3-3). Besides that, my birthday this year will fall on 11-1-11, i.e. January 11, 2011. So a "double 3" and a "quintuple 1". Interesting, isn't it? (Or maybe it isn't for you, if Mathematics wasn't your favorite subject in school!)

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So anyways... my newest "hobby" (you are certainly free to refer to it as "eccentricity" though!) is... "cooking"! Don't ask me when and how this "catastrophe" happened, but, these days, my creative juices are seeking an outlet via my culinary skills! In fact, I'm actually beginning to think of myself as a "scientist" these days, and the kitchen as my "laboratory"!

Yesterday, we had a full "family gathering" at my place for evening tea. The original proposition had been that we were meeting up only for tea/coffee, with ready-made snacks from the market if required, and no cooking. But, I cheated. I needed scapegoats to try some of my culinary experiments, so I didn't tell anyone that I was cooking, and secretly prepared three items to be served along with the tea, out of which, two were absolutely new "inventions", that "happened" because of my very limited technical-know-how in the kitchen, but primarily due to my scantily-furnished kitchen-stock!

Now since these were brand new recipes, never tested before by me, I was a bit apprehensive whether the dishes would be palatable or not. So I didn't make them in quantities that delicious dishes ought to made in! (I didn't really know they would turn out to be delicious, you know!) I only made them in quantities accepted for "okie-dokie" kind of dishes! And that was my biggest mistake!

What I didn't know at that time was that my cousins were bringing along some whiskey too! (Yeah well, the "evening" tea got postponed to almost 8 pm, because my other nephew - the 3-year-old one, who stays in Mumbai and is currently visiting Patna - decided to postpone his afternoon nap from the usual 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and everybody had to wait till he finished his nap!) And one of my "inventions" happened to be the perfect accompaniment for the drink! End result: the "supply" fell completely short of the "demand"! So short in fact, that it didn't even touch the halfway mark! :(

But on the other hand, I realized (yet again!) that it sure does feel good when all the food you've cooked disappears from the plates within minutes! He he he! :D

I've got to go re-fill my kitchen stock today, and then I'll try some more "experiments" in my "laboratory". The recent throat infection and fever wasted 4 very precious days of my time! Never mind. Minor setbacks keep happening in all spheres of life. But I DO wish my sister had been home these days. It's a different kind of fun... fooling around in the kitchen with your sister. Though Dad helped a lot. And I mean, a LOT lot!

And the icing on the cake... everybody started feeling so much at home that we decided to have dinner at my place too... the "take away" kind! So I picked up my phone and called up the place and told the guy I wanted to order dinner for 12 people. But oops! I should have looked at the time before calling! It was a few minutes past 10 pm, and the poor guy informed me, with obvious regret in his voice, that their kitchen was already closed, and he was on his way home after delivering the last order of the day! What rotten luck! This is what happens when you're so busy enjoying yourself that you forget to take care of the practicalities!

Well anyway, my uncle (Dad's eldest brother) is also a "scientist" of the same nature. (Not important here, but I happen to be one of his favorite scapegoats for all his major "inventions"!) He then decided to take charge of the dinner preparations at home... MY home! I gave him full details of my miniscule kitchen inventory and then willingly surrendered the "place of honor" to him, content with minor jobs like chopping tomatoes and cleaning up the mess etc.! Besides, the gathering also included one aunt and two sisters-in-law, all of them highly more experienced in this fine art! So there was no reason for me to get in their way! [wink]

In short, yesterday was a classic proof of the saying that "Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans!" So much for the original plans of "no cooking"! :p Don't know yet about anyone else, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Big families are so much fun, despite the fact that your bed covers are scribbled at random places with black marker pen, you have to hide your pen drives in your cupboard someplace 'coz the toddlers seem to have a special affinity towards them, the way to your bathroom is completely blocked by the noisy gathering of toddler nephews and college-going cousins watching some movie on your PC (giggling at funny scenes, giggling at sad scenes, even giggling at the sight of each other's faces!), everybody's shoes and socks disappearing under various odd pieces of furniture, and basically nothing in its place! Life at its chaotic best! :D

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Want to Add Something?

Shreesh said...

Lovely Post and a great day to be treasured !! Happy 2011

Kaddu said...

Thanks Shreesh! Same to u! :D

Tangerine said...

Well written gal!

Happy New year to you! :)

Kaddu said...

Thanks Tang! Happy New Year to you too! :D

Vyazz said...

First off....a very belated happy new year to u!! And secondly glad to know of ur culinary adventures.
I love to cook. Like I always said, I consider cooking an art, and my friends can testify bout my skills in d kitchen.
I can make pav bhaji, pancakes with home made strawberry jam, paneer makhani, baingan ka bharta etc u name it!!!! Guess something good came outta being in petersburg all this while.
Right now trying a whole new italian angle here, making penne with oregano, basil and tomatoes topped with cream, not to mention spaghetti with eggplant in red wine gravy!!!! :))
Gosh I can go on and on!!!! :))

Kaddu said...

Oh God, Vyazz! Most of the stuff u named in your comment was all alien to me! :p

I'm going to do the next NaBloPoMo on recipes... will post 30 recipes in 30 days, one per day. I already completed the NaBloPoMo twice successfully. And this time I decided to tackle my severe dislike for cooking, through blogging! :D Been going through cooking books as casual reading material, trying to get the basic hang of ingredients and combinations etc. Luckily, even Dad has turned into a willing scapegoat for my experiments these days. So all is indeed well! :D

Why don't u share some of your recipes too on ur blog? It wud be fun. And a belated Happy New Year to u too! Good to see u back... one of my fav bloggers! :D

Samuel said...

Hey sorry to read this blog late and also for wishing you a belated happy birthday. Have a great year ahead and keep posting such lovely blogs. God Bless You.


Kaddu said...

Thanks Sam! :D
I'm just typing another post actually! Do check it out later. See you...

Roshmi Sinha said...

Wow! More power to your "inventions" and your ability to churn them out :)

... Errr... do your delicious invention have a name? Even if you christen it... will do :)

... And recipe please :D

Kaddu said...

Hey Roshmi,

I will post the recipes when I do the cooking NaBloPoMo - 30 recipes in 30 days... ok!

And I'll have to do the christening. It's in my to-do-list. :p

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