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Most people believe that if a person is fat, then s/he must be overeating. But that is sooooooo wrong! I had to struggle against this prejudice for almost 2 years, until finally someone got the idea to have me tested for hypothyroidism. I tested positive. But even after 2 years of regular medication for it, and the pranayams and the walks, my weight still kept increasing... slowly yes, but steadily. And this was totally bizarre because until a few years ago, my body used to respond immediately to walking!

Once again, I found myself face-to-face with the same prejudice... that if you're fat, you must be overeating!

The irony was that at my home, my Dad does all the shopping, I rarely go out, and most certainly not on my own! He hardly ever brings any cream biscuits home (they are reserved for special treats). We don't have sweets after every meal. No regular pastries or ice creams either. And I don't like cold drinks or alcohol. We make fried stuff at home maybe 2 or 3 times a year. (I'm not too fond of cooking, as you all know.) And living in a town where there's still no PizzaHut or McDonald's (Dominos is crap!), and working from home, it hardly gives me any opportunity to gorge on fast food! My total sugar intake in a day is about 2-2.5 teaspoons! And I still get to hear that I need to cut my diet! (Cut my diet to what... sunlight and air?)

Well, thankfully, due to my content writing work, I got to know of the symptoms of water retention and edema. And fortunately, having a doctor friend, who isn't as prejudiced as the rest of the world, helped me get detailed information about them. (Well you can't just trust everything on the net blindly, can you? Especially in the medical field!)

So, while the physical causes of water retention/edema in my body are still to be verified, the basic root cause is obviously very clear. Some part of my psyche wants me to be fat. Hence, my subconscious is automatically creating that fat in my body... literally by hook or crook!

The Subconscious is Like a Strong Magnet!

(A side note for my readers: If you want to be obese, then keep things simple... stick to overeating. Hypothyroidism and Water Retention etc. cause a lot of other problems in the body... more serious problems! You don't want to deal with them, trust me!)

So anyways, in the past few days, I have been trying to get to the reason behind this need for extra fat in my body. Why does my subconscious want me to be fat? No amount of Reiki or meditation seemed to work in solving this "mystery". I kept drawing up against a blank wall! And this was again very unusual, you know. Normally, if I'm seeking answers to some questions in my life, I just keep churning the questions over and over in my head for a length of time, and then suddenly the answers become visible to me during net surfing or while reading some magazine or the newspaper. There have even been occasions when somebody in my Facebook friend list updated their status message with the answer I needed! But not this time.

Finally I decided to ask for help from one of my flesh-and-blood guides. And guess what! The Universe has some really strange ways of working!

Did you know that becoming fat is perhaps THE easiest way for an Indian girl to avoid getting married? I didn't know this! At least not at the conscious level of my mind! But reflecting back on it now... it makes absolute sense! Become fat, tell everyone you are ready to get married, but you still won't get married... 'coz pick up the matrimonial classifieds from any newspaper of the country... they all want a fair and "slim" girl! Brilliant beyond brilliant, isn't it? No "well-wishers" pestering you anymore about the "foolishness" of your decision to not marry for so long! In fact, nobody will even bring up the topic anymore! Guess my subconscious knew this all along, even if I didn't!

So anyways, the question that naturally arises in my mind after this "enlightening discovery" is - "Is it true? Do I honestly NOT want to get married?"

After giving it some serious thought, I have come to the conclusion that this is not true anymore. In fact, this program should have been declared "invalid" long time ago. (End of July 2009, to be precise. Or definitely by June 2010 at the max!) I guess I just forgot I had put it in my subconscious and that it was still working there. But honestly speaking, I have absolutely no reasons at all now for delaying marriage. When I ask myself - "What exactly am I waiting for now?" - I can find no honest answer to it. We may lie to the entire world, but, at the end of the day, we've got to be honest with ourselves. So I guess it's time now to replace that old program in my subconscious, with a new one.

I wonder what tactic would be used by the subconscious of an Indian man, to escape the same pressure of marriage. Oh wait... I think I already know. I suppose an Indian man would use financial/career instability as a cover for delaying/avoiding marriage! Am I right?

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Want to Add Something?

Shreesh said...

you hit the bulls eye several times .. good luck at ur de programming and re programing of ur mind...!!

Kaddu said...

Thanks Shreesh :)

Rachit said...

Subconscious mind theory...I liked it... I made a resolution today ( my first one ever) to create jobs and not run for any... just in my subconscious mind.

Kaddu said...

Hi rachit! :D
Create jobs as in become an entrepreneur?

Vyazz said...

Hmmm.....obesity is an issue close to my heart!!!
Being a Virgo, and as a consequence being awfully self obsessed.......every time I see some model/actor display his super toned body I get into the doldrums. I recently bought this awesome book.....called dont lose your ming...lose your weight by Rujuta Diwekar.....who very categorically has slammed dieting as a hazardous way to lose weight.
People think losing weight is all about eating less, but in reality, its all about eating the right thing at the right time.
I was nearly 90 kilos when I returned from Russia, and a year after now I'm 80......heading towards 75.
And I did not diet. I did not cut down on my eating. Just that I began eating at regular intervals. You can gain weight even by skipping breakfast!!!! (u can take my word for it as a doc!!!)
I gym regularly, and it has helped me with my stamina, and it releases endorphins (feel good chemicals) into ur bloodstream....making u feel uppity and swell!!!!
Never diet!!!....rule one
And for ur hypothyroidism, continue your medication!!!!....oh and dont quit on ur meditation!!!!

Kaddu said...

Hi Vyazz! You know it's the 3rd time in less than a month that this book has appeared within my range of perception! I'm kinda getting the feeling it's a message from one of my guiding angels or something! I suppose I really should go out and buy it!

And yeah, I never believe in dieting for 3 reasons:
1. I don't really eat that kind of calorie loaded food that I need to diet.
2. Dieting would probably affect my muscle mass more than the fat mass!
3. The day I quit dieting, I would bloat up again immediately!

Yeah it sure does feel good after exercising. I have been doing just about 20 minutes of steady walk on the treadmill lately... waiting for the stamina to increase in my legs (right now they're swollen with edema) and will gradually try to increase it to 1 hour. I used to walk for an hour comfortably back in 2002, so I know I can do it again.

And yes, I won't stop the thyroid medication just like that. The mind becomes total fuzzy and I end up sleeping through most of the day if I do that! Like I said, it's better to just overeat rather than attract these kind of hormonal diseases to gain weight!

Rashmi said...

This post and thereby the comments solved most of my own queries too :)
I am also suffering from hypothyroidism.

Blessed be :)

Kaddu said...

Oh! Hypothyroidism seems to be getting very common these days! Almost like some kind of plague! U take care girl! See ya...

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Great post, Chicky. Vyazz's comment was good to read.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

I had more posts lined up on this subject. Someday...

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