Living A Dream -- Yours Or Someone Else's

This post has been sitting in my "to-blog" list for several days now. It was actually inspired by Garima's recent poem "Frozen Wings". I suggest you read her poem first, even if you have already read it before, because this post is like a further extension to her beautiful lines of verse.

Garima's poem is all about our dormant inner strength that, if recognized and utilized, can help us become the master of our own fate. But, for most of us, this never happens. We never DO realize our own potential. And we never even try converting many of our "seemingly unrealistic" dreams into a reality.

But the thing is... "reality" is so relative. Is the reality of Lata Mangeshkar same as that of Sachin Tendulkar? One is a legend in the world of singers, and the other is the God of cricket! Fifty Test centuries is a reality for Sachin, but not for Lata Mangeshkar. And I'm sure the world of the seven 'surs' is equally alien for Sachin too! Just as it probably is for Mark Zuckerberg. But then Mark's world is also NOT a reality for every 26-year old on the planet!

I am a predominantly male mind in a totally female body. I HATE shopping! Yes, with capital letters! In fact, you can make it bold too! And the term "window shopping" is non-existent in my dictionary! Just as the fashion world makes absolutely no sense to me -- clothes, makeup, accessories, high heels, the whole gamut! In other words, a world that is so "real" for at least 80% of the entire female population of the planet, holds practically no meaning for me! Sure... if doing these things was an absolute necessity for my survival, I would learn them and do them too, but that wouldn't be me, right? It would just be a sort of "role-play"?

So then, on what basis do we determine a generic reality for everyone? How do we ascertain that "thought ABC" is just a dream while "XYZ" is real?

And when we "jump out" of our dreams, back into reality, how can we be really sure that it is indeed OUR reality that we've come back to? What if we've just "conditioned" ourselves into believing someone else's reality as our own? What if we've just grown accustomed to "fitting in" with the rest of the world?

What if the reality is that we are living someone else's dream... a "dream" with mass acceptance... a "dream" portrayed as "real" by our media?

What if in our REAL reality, we had wings so powerful we could reach the stars? Wings... powerful, yet frozen! If only we knew... if only we dared to use our "frozen wings", we could all make ourselves the Kings! So aptly said, Garry...

So why do we confine ourselves within a "reality" that may not hold any meaning for us really, except for being a mere "role-play"?

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Want to Add Something?

Ritu said...

This post makes so much sense to me. I would just like to add one line to it .... it is never to late to dream or make it a reality. The only time it is too late is when you are dead. So just live your dream - at any age

Kaddu said...

@ Ritu: That's very rightly said. Louise Hay apparently started taking Salsa lessons in her 70s! And she's one of my inspirations.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Yes... fiction is stranger than truth ;)

P.S. Your blog is enjoying a series of mini vacations... and must be feeling rejuvenated. So would your fingers... ;) :)

Kaddu said...

@ Roshmi: My fingers are frozen with the cold. Typing is difficult! :(

Tangerine said...

Well said! :) And its never too late to start living ur dreams either !

Kaddu said...

Thanks Tang! :)

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