Yesterday, I finally made that much procrastinated "trip" to the tailor! Phewww! What a nightmare it was! One thing I realized yesterday was that women can be so pushy at times! And also extremely irritatingly dumb too!

Please don't take this personally... all my female readers... you probably don't fall in this category anyway. But I simply cannot understand why women want their dresses custom embroidered by the tailors when there are already so many shops selling beautifully embroidered suit pieces and saaris! I, for one, would prefer selecting from the "finished" works any day... pieces that I can scrutinize with my own eyes before spending my money, for their color combinations, their patterns and the quality of material used. Is there ever any guarantee that the tailor would eventually deliver the embroidery that you ordered? And how do you know what it would look like on the actual fabric, when you've seen it only in a catalogue? Beats me!

I also fail to understand how women can so easily turn completely oblivious to the fact that they are holding up the constantly growing line of other customers behind them! I mean one hour to order one dress! Well, hellooooo!

And here's the biggest example of their possible thick-headedness! The tailor told very clearly to one customer that a certain embroidery pattern could not be delivered by November 30th, as he was already behind schedule on the existing orders and most of his staff was still on leave due to Chhath and Id. Even after repeated haggling by that customer, he declined the order saying he would not be able to deliver it before 20th December. And the very next customer (who witnessed this exchange in full detail) spends an hour deliberating on the designs with her mother, finally selecting the same design that had already been refused to the earlier customer, AND demanding that it be delivered to her by 2nd December! Hahhhh!

And the icing on the cake.... you're spending 3000 bucks on a dress you would probably wear only once in your entire life... and then you start haggling with the tailor for 100 bucks! You won't believe this, but for over 15 minutes, that family continued to ignore the waiting customers behind them! In fact, they didn't even leave the shop when the tailor steadfastly refused to give further discount! Finally the tailor had pity on the rest of us, deducted the additional 100 bucks in their bill, and bade them farewell!

Oh but that was not the end of my nightmare! After this annoying family left, another drama began at that place! Apparently, most of the females waiting for their turn didn't have any idea of the concept of "queues"! Ufff! They can be so pushy and screechy! I can't stand crowds and this kind of pushing and shoving anyway. And after waiting patiently for my turn for 1.5 hours, if any of the recent-arrivals were going to be tended to first, then I'd just about had it!

I realized it had taken me 5 months to build up enough courage to dare this "trip" to the tailor, and that if I left without giving my order, the whole thing would be postponed for God knows how many more months! Nevertheless, I made up my mind to just quietly leave if the customers were not tended to on "first come first serve" basis! To hell with new clothes!

Thankfully, God intervened through the tailor. He started taking the order of the most pushy "recent-arrival", but then suddenly stopped. Looked at her, and then at me, and bluntly asked us who was here first. I said "me". So he flipped to the next page in his order book, and started taking my order instead!

The way he handled all those females was really amazing! The first customer, who kept insisting that he delivered the complete dress with embroidery by November 30th, and then the one who 'bheja-fried' him for over an hour, and finally these latest pushy ones! He wasn't rude to a single one of them, didn't lose his patience for even a single moment, kept smiling throughout, and even managed to comprehend what exactly these females wanted to order! I mean, let's face it... most were just blabbering nonstop! Phewwww. Tough job being a ladies tailor!

I gave my order (which consisted of 5 kurtas) in about 6-7 minutes, rushed out of the shop, and took a long deep breath! Now you understand why this "trip" had been pending for 5 months? In fact, I hate this orgy so much that there are 2 bars of Dairy Milk Chocolate sitting in my fridge right now... they've been there for days actually... but I have absolutely no desire to gorge on them! The idea that I might easily find ready-made clothes in my size, when I lose a few kilos, is a really strong motivating factor for me!

This is my 21st post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...


Obviously, the tailor was a male... !!! :D

evanescentthoughts said...

Have had experiences with such pushy females.. not just at the tailor's place, have seen such females in even fitting rooms at some shops..

Kaddu said...

@ Shobhit: Haahhhh!

Kaddu said...

@ Avada: Sighhhhhhhhhh! At times I really REALLY R-E-A-L-L-Y wish I'd been born a male! :(

Rashmi said...

I agree. I often detest lot of qualities anyway from the code of conduct of being a woman :|

Rashmi said...

Oh btw i too bought 7 dresses in 30 minutes straight...Beat me ;)

shazia m said...

Cant agree with you more. In fact I hate to go to a shop where there is a woman behind the counter. Ladies customers are horrible but to deal with a lady saleswoman is horribly horrible!!
I even prefer male obstetrician to female ones!! Thank God for making MEN!!

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

@ Rashmi: Hey I don't see my reply to your comments above. Don't know why! I usually reply right after publishing the comments. Anyways, how are you girl?

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

@ Shazia: LOL! You sound even more irritated by females than I was at the time of writing this post! :P

shazia m said...

Actually, I have made myself a reputation with the tailor. Even when there is a queue, he actually calls me forward and takes my order. When others fuss, he tells them, she will take only a minute!
What I do really is, show him the clothes, and tell him this is the top and this is the bottom and sleeves will be full, neck high and please looose!!!! ( he has my measurement in his diary)

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Hahahahaha! Smart!

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