Self Preservation

Self preservation is undoubtedly the most primitive instinct of everything that's living in this Universe -- be it humans, plants, animals, or even our planet itself! And at times, it is this very instinct of self preservation that decides our course of actions for us.

Earlier today, I was going through some of my posts in the previous NaBloPoMo series, and I came across this one - "Live Life: Follow Your Heart". Inspired by this post, I started to do something, following my heart of course, but then stopped. My mind took control again.

The thing is that the heart brain is purely intuitive, with no rationale to support its claims, whereas the mind directs on the basis of precedents of that particular situation, stored in its memory bank. Our mind derives its strength from the familiarity of the given situation. The greater the number of previous "case studies" of that situation, available in its memory bank, the stronger is the mind's governance in that situation.

And the mind will always choose the course of self preservation for you! For example, the heart might make you risk your life for a loved one, but such a decision will never originate from the mind. It will never allow you to risk endangering yourself or hurting yourself. It automatically shies away from such courses of action, even if that means you get an "average" life instead of a "memorable" one.

So, while I do believe my heart, I, nevertheless, ended up following my mind today instead. The mind presented a supporting backup of so many past "case histories" related to the situation, all going against the heart, that it finally just boiled down to that one primitive instinct of self preservation. I know the heart is right (it always is), but apparently, my mind is deciding my further course of action now in this matter. Well... that's life I guess...

This is my 22nd post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Women...

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Want to Add Something?

Jarlin Paul said...

Agree with your points, finally our mind leads us to act

Kaddu said...

@ Jarlin: :)

Nethra said...

Everything is done by mind. Heart does no thinking.

ZB said...

Actually 'Mind' and 'heart' confuse me. I still cant find a difference. But what does 'self preservation' means? Preserving the self? but other than Human, no living thing on earth has the notion of 'self'. Okey, i will not preach, given a word to my wife.

But still, if you live absolutely in the moment, 'mind' & 'heart' merges and you wouldn't do anything 'right' or 'wrong'. Or as Shakespear says- There is no such thing as right or wrong, but thinking makes it so.

Here is go again. Sorry, TC :)

Kaddu said...

@ Nethra: I do agree with you in that heart does no thinking! :D

Kaddu said...

@ ZB: Self preservation, the way I meant it in this post, was just the basic survival instinct you can say, that all living beings possess.

I agree... there is nothing right or wrong when you talk of it in a judgmental sense... but my use of the word "right" here was not in that sense... it was more like well... faith u can say.

Anyways... if we live absolutely in the present moment, then obviously there will be no conflict between mind & heart, 'coz mind will just lose all its power. The mind bases all its claims on past evidence, and the past won't exist in the present moment! So you see... if at all we could live totally in the now, then there really won't be any friction and suffering! :D

Why on Earth did u give such a word to your wife? Crazy! :p

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