Reiki And Plants

One thing that I really miss in apartments is having a garden of my own. From a very early age, I have been really fascinated with plants. The greens help quiet my otherwise constantly chattering mind. And there's something else about them too, which I haven't yet been able to place.

Anyway, many years ago when I was in school, we had this chapter on Acharya Sir J. C. Bose, who showed that plants "have feelings" too, and that they respond to different stimuli, like wounds, pleasant music, noise etc. After studying that chapter, my 'bonding' with plants grew even stronger.

And when I did my Reiki 1 training in Kanpur, our Teacher told us how plants also accept Reiki very beautifully. He gave a few examples of some of his previous students, who had seen some amazing results by using Reiki for plants and trees. I had no trouble digesting this phenomenon, because plants anyway seemed human-like to me, even before I came across Sir Bose!

The first time I got to use Reiki for a plant was in Kanpur, when our 'Meetha Neem' potted plant started dying due to certain bizarre circumstances which are beyond the scope of this blog. I could only give hands-on healing at that time, I did not have the distance-healing attunement. So I sat next to the potted plant, held the pot between both my palms and started Reiking the roots. Two sessions of almost half-an hour Reiki, and a 15-minute session on the third day, and that was all I did. The plant survived, and grew up to become very beautiful.

Then I got another opportunity to give such emergency Reiki to my potted banana plant, right here in Patna. I have already blogged about it previously. Please do read the post 'Reiki gives a New Life to "My Baby" !' This post is about that same 'baby'.

When my Dad and I went to Guwahati earlier this year, the house was locked behind. And since it was a pretty long trip, we left our few plants with my friend in the building. But this banana plant had grown quite tall, and was creating some space problem in her balcony, so we put it on the terrace, with the arrangement that she would water it once every day. However, Patna saw some really extreme summers this year, and this 'fighter' couldn't stand the direct heat under the sun, even when she started watering it twice a day!

By the time we returned to Patna (April end), it was looking even worse than that "before" picture displayed in my previous post linked above. My friend was really sad and was certain that she had been watering a dead plant for the last few days. I wasn't ready to believe that though. And, as we stood beside it on the terrace, I told my friend how it had survived last time, by erupting a new shoot from the side.

Actually, my baby had shown such remarkable tenacity for life, on more than one occasion! It had survived through some of the worst possible conditions in its 10 years with us, due to all the relocation etc.! So I continued to hope that even if there was 0.01% life left anywhere in its many roots, it would be able to grow healthy again.

I had it brought down from the terrace, back in my own balcony, and sat down to give some Reiki to it. But I didn't even finish invoking all the symbols this time! Within like 30 seconds of starting the energy flow, I got the feeling that Reiki was not needed. Just like that. Now I don't hear strange voices inside my head, but if I had been that insane, I'm sure those voices would have told me to "GO AWAY!"

Well, so I just stopped. I mean the plant didn't want any Reiki, what could I do? My Dad told me to try once again, but I couldn't. I don't really know how I 'knew' it... I just simply 'knew' it. The plant didn't want any Reiki, and that was the end of the story. I couldn't interfere in its decisions.

Two days later, a new shoot tore out... just like last time... from the side of the existing dry stem... very close to the soil. And yet another one sprung up a little distance away, directly from the soil! Guess what! My plant had become smarter than before! And that's when I finally understood why my Reiki offer had been refused.

This trick, of sprouting a new shoot from the side, was already saved in the data-bank of my banana plant. The technique was already 'programmed' in its "Guide for Survival" book! Even my nephew UV blatantly refuses to accept help for something he has already done successfully on a previous occasion. ("Haan bhai-sahab, malum hai mere ko!") And he is not even four yet, whereas this plant is over 10 years old now.

Strange way of communicating though! I wonder if the research of Sir J.C. Bose covers this too. Anyway, this is what the plant looked like in August. As you can see, there are 2 different stems in the same pot.

This is my twelfth post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

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Want to Add Something?

Roshmi Sinha said...

"I had no trouble digesting this phenomenon, because plants anyway seemed human-like to me, even before I came across Sir Bose!"

... errr... are you sure plants would like to be human-like... ??

Rajlakshmi said...

I really appreciate your dedication towards the plant :)
reminds me how my mom is so attached to her Gamla collection :) its more than 15 years now
lovely post

Majaal said...

the concept of reiki is quite simple; care cures, at the end of the day, its love, which heals all the wounds, apart from time, of course ;)

keep writing ...

Kaddu said...

Roshmi: Naah, I doubt it!

Kaddu said...

Rajlakshmi: Oh yessss! My plants are like family to me, especially this baby! :p

Kaddu said...

Majaal: Yes, Reiki is nothing but love after all! :D

BK Chowla, said...

it is a great effort.But,I did read some where that tea plantations give better results and yield if continuous music is played in the fields.I have no personal experience, though.

Kaddu said...

Mr. Chowla,

First of all, apologies for the delay in the reply. Was building orchards and a turkey roost in FarmVille, and totally lost track of all new comments!

Kaddu said...

@ Mr. Chowla again!

There you see! Now I forget to add the reply to my comment, and just go on to submit only the apology!

Actually yes, one of the students in my Reiki 1 class worked at a nursery. And she tried using this music therapy too with her plants. She was also in my Reiki 2 batch, and she shared her experiences with the class in our Reiki 2 workshop. Music does make the plants more healthy.

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