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FarmVille has become a bit overwhelming lately, with all the Mystery Seedlings and stuff. As such, I'm trying to avoid it as far as possible. I have this habit... whenever I feel I'm beginning to get too "drawn" into something, I automatically start distancing myself from it. This instinctive tendency ensures that I will never be able to get addicted to anything. So it's good I guess.

And the third read of the first part of the Twilight series is over. Had an interesting conversation on Facebook today, regarding the series... well, regarding vampires actually! [Grins] The highlights of the conversation were:

  • Vampires are not dead; they are "the undead" (more or less immortal)

  • Vampires don't have blood running through their veins, but they do have venom instead, and hence, can have an erection (i.e. the male ones) and can even father kids (if they manage to leave a woman alive for that long of course!)

  • While the vampires of most horror movies rest in coffins during the day time, the vampires of Stephanie Meyer's world are not bounded by such restrictions! Hehehe!

I suppose we humans are not really satisfied with the world of humans, plants and animals. That is why we keep creating such fantasy characters. First it was the wizards, house-elves and goblins of J. K. Rowling. Then my mental world expanded a bit further to include hobbits, wood-elves and orcs. And finally, I found some room for the vampires and werewolves too! I wonder, if I were to write a fictional series ever, in this genre, it would probably include all these and a few more perhaps, all eventually being able to figure out a way to live together, "happily ever after"! What! If I can believe in Gods like Hanuman and Ganesha, why would my mind have any trouble accepting werewolves and vampires!

Anyways... the Bihar election results are supposed to come out tomorrow. People have been kind of excited about the voting, though the department itself has goofed up majorly. A lot of people found that their names had been "deleted" from the voting list. The day we had the voting in my area, I asked one of my domestic aids whether she was going to cast her vote or not. She said she wasn't 18 yet, which literally shocked me, 'coz this female has recently given birth to her third kid! Well, that's India... breed like rats, and then "race" like rats too!

That's all for today folks! Have a good night! :D

This is my 23rd post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

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Majaal said...

election results will be out soon, lets see if the reign continues, or the new breed of vampires replaces the existing ones ;)

Kaddu said...

@ Majaal: The reign continued! :D

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