Lost Opportunities

Earlier in the morning today, I found a status update, from one of my friends on Facebook, which really touched somewhere. I would like to share it with my blog readers too…

We lose a lot of opportunities to communicate what we actually want to, in a struggle to make life better. But the essence of life is not in those numbers we plan to increase in our Bank Accounts, nor in the assets we dream to possess, but in the relationships that we become a part of during this journey of life. There is no point brooding about all those missed occasions, so better make an occasion today to let them know what you feel.

Incidentally, this “friend” is none other than the Garima... yes, the same one who made me do that “Father of All Tags”! :p

Anyways, coming back to her beautiful thought… hasn’t she summed up “life” for most of us?

We keep waiting for things to get better – for a bigger house, an expensive car, a more lavish lifestyle, and yes definitely a bigger bank balance – and we completely forget that real happiness in life doesn’t come from materialistic possessions. Had it been the case, then we wouldn’t see so many rich young adults involved in drunk-driving cases or other scandals every now and then!

There is this famous one-liner circulating on the web for years now… I’m sure you all must have come across it at some point of time or the other. In fact, I’m sure I must have used this earlier on my blog too!

One needs only five things in life -
Some food, some money, some work, some fun and... SOMEONE!!

However, most of us just get so caught up in the “money” and “work” bit that we completely compromise on the “food” part, forget how to have “fun”, and if the special “someone” of our life refuses to run this mad “rat race” with us, we let go of him/her too.

Of course, life doesn’t let you get away with all your crazy mistakes so easily! One day we all are forced to acknowledge all the wrong choices we have made along this journey. But by then, it's usually too late. Very rarely do we get the chance to make amendments… and most certainly not unless we go out of our way – beyond our comfort zone, that is – to make up for our past mistakes.

Either way, as Garima mentioned above, there’s obviously no point in brooding about the past. You either gather enough guts to actually “MAKE an occasion” when you can retrace your steps into such a “missed” relationship. Or, if you do not have such strength of will, then it is better that you simply forget the past and move on.

This is my third post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

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astrosunilnomy said...

Some food, some money, some work, some fun and... SOMEONE!! - loved this phrase, you framed it elegantly, i would like to include "Some time for something you are passionate" in your life. we need to allocate appropriate time slots for all these important things. I don't know about others, but most of my time gets spent on work, leaving hardly anytime for others.

Kaddu said...

Oh yes, my Dad always says one should never give up his/her hobby, no matter how busy life gets. Because having something in your life that you're completely passionate about has the potential to help you see light even when all else is in darkness. Thanks for the addition Sunil! :)

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