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The last few days have been really educative. I got to learn a few technical things, related to web domain etc., and I also got to learn a lot about human psychology.

1. The .co.cc domain is completely banned by Facebook. Any such links shared on facebook will not lead you to the respective URL, but will actually display a Facebook error page instead, saying that the link was reported as abusive. Not even just links, even a text reference of this domain extension, in a private message to someone on Facebook, is not allowed! The message simply won't "Send" and will keep showing a "blocked content" box!

2. There is something called "WHOIS lookup", that can give you the full contact information of the owner of any domain, including their phone number if they have given one at the time of registering the domain. Hmmmmm.

3. Blogging world, just like the rest of the world, is evolving way too fast than its inhabitants can cope up with! Looks like somebody hit the "Fast Forward" button on our planet a few years ago!

4. Human psychology is strange.


5. Keeping the right company matters a lot. One wrong type of person in the group can cause all the members of the group to suffer.

This is my eighth post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: The Biggest Controversy in the Blogosphere!

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Ajay Kontham™ said...

Well, the post was a bit educative. About the co.cc domain. I used it recently.

Well, the human psychology is strange. It sure is. And unexpected also. We can't anticipate anything forehand.

Nice post. May be I thought you could tell what made you think about the human psychology. :P :D

D2 said...

The WHOIS lookup can be spoofed. There are also many other 'lookups' that can be done. It's all part of the network infrastructure.

As for the controversy, I believe strong action should be taken. WeBlog should be taken down or at least disassociated with by bloggers.
And something needs to be done about the voting system on Indiblogger. Correct me if I'm wrong but that seems to be the root cause of these problems.

Majaal said...

I had a .co.cc domain. Those guys advertise it as free, but after sometime they will ask you for paid membership or they terminate your account stating some absurd reason like your domain doesn't receives enough traffic ...

WHOIS accounts can be protected as well. Almost all biggies in domain selling world provide you with a free WHOIS guard, enabling which, you can protect your registration details from others.

And human psychology isn't strange, humans are ;)

Keep writing ....

Kaddu said...

@ Ajay: Yes, I had also very recently got myself a couple of co.cc domains for 2 of my other projects. Discarded them right after this experience!

Human psychology... well, it will need a separate post!

Kaddu said...

@ D2: Hmmm... ok I just added these terms in my "to-google" list. Will read up in depth abt them when I have some free time.

About WeBlog: They have apparently disclosed their identity officially yesterday evening. And they have said they're going to re-do the site with a new domain. So let's see... maybe they'll still end up making something good of the mess they started of with!

Kaddu said...

@ Majaal: Oh ok, I didn't know abt that either, thanks for sharing. And yes, somebody did mention about the guard... that's also in my "to-do"list.

And human psychology... humans... whatever! I think I'm happy being an Alien!

BK Chowla, said...

Thank you.For me it has been knowledge.

Kaddu said...

You are welcome Mr. Chowla :)

Lakshmi Rajan said...

I been observing the controversy last couple of days and I find it was all:

1. Unwarranted.
2. Over-hyped
3. Clash of egos/Jealousy/darker shades
4. Ya, tapping on the human psychology.

About whois , i don't know about co.cc but otherwise, the host companies have an option to hide the whois details to be public.

- Lakshmi Rajan (Gingerchai)

P.s> See if you could enable name/url option for commenting, it will make commenting easier rather than login to google.

Kaddu said...

Hi LR,

You've summed up the whole affair very well!

Regarding the comment settings here, this is what I have selected right now:

"Registered Users - includes OpenID"

Apart from that, I have the following options:

1. Anyone - includes Anonymous Users
2. Users with Google Accounts
3. Only members of this blog

I thought OpenID should cover this bit, but if I've got it wrong, please do help me.

Lakshmi Rajan said...

Nopes unfortunately, open ID does not work. (I need to first create another openID account for my site for this purpose) If a commenter has a self hosted domain site, then Name/URL option is the only way to comment without having to enter google account.

- Lakshmi Rajan

Kaddu said...

[scratches head]

Once very long ago, someone did leave a comment on one of my posts, with some other link in place of his blogger profile. Let me find that post and then ask him how he did that.

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