Leadership and Loneliness

It is really amazing what good leadership can do. 206 seats out of 243... almost 85% majority! I doubt such a mandate has ever before been seen in independent India!

It just goes to prove that while leaders need an opportunity to lead the people, at the same time, the people also need good leaders equally, so that they can follow them. I hope this time we get to see some even more fast-paced development in the state.

Also, I wonder when we'll get to see such a strong leader again at the center level, who would be able to unite the whole of India in this fashion.

Apart from that, Dad is leaving for Delhi tomorrow. Sighhhhhh. It's going to be 5 lonely days! Planning to take a break from regular cooking. Thinking of living on just lauki ki sabji, chapati and mixed vegetable soup during this time. But I'll have to go veggie shopping tomorrow evening if I really do plan to stick to this menu. Hmmm.

Will also have to remember to keep the windows and balcony doors closed, lest those monkeys invite themselves in! Those monkeys have a very bad habit... they pay no attention to a female trying to shoo them away!

This is my 24th post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

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Want to Add Something?

BK Chowla, said...

We will see such strong and committed govt in the centre only when we can get likes of nitish in the centre.

Kaddu said...

Very true Mr. Chowla.

ZB said...

The Lion pic and the heading reminds me-A Lion Sleeps for 16 hours a day Vs A donkey which sleeps for 4 hours..........If Hardwork alone is the key to success, then Donkey should be the king of the Jungle....But hope Nidish Kumar doest believe in the above logic and continue to work HARD, and show who is the KING of the JUNGLE called Indian politics....Being lonely isnt the best thing in life, but its inevitable, and we all came being lonely and would pass this life being lonely. TC, ring me if these monkeys( real monkeys or its a metaphor?) trouble you.TC

Kaddu said...

ZB: Real monkeys yaar! U have a lot of catching up to do here apparently! The residents of my building have been forbidden from going alone (even in 2s and 3s actually!)on the terrace! I miss my walk sessions! :(
Btw, I didn't know you have experience in handling monkeys! :p

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