Happy Diwali

Today's post simply cannot be about anything else! There's too much 'Diwali' on my mind! :D

The markets look like they've jumped right out of Enid Blyton's magic worlds! There are lights everywhere... and colors... so many bright colors all around! Shops selling pretty Ganesh-Lakshmi idols, their bright red and yellow vastras, necklaces for the idols in hundreds of different varieties, bandhan-waars, diyas, flower-garlands, Diwali firecrackers, kheel-batasha, and SWEETS!

Everybody is crazy today! The customers are shouting at the top of their voices, wanting to be served first! The vendors have no idea who ordered what! Major rush at every shop, stall and even the seasonal vendors selling their wares directly on the road! My throat is completely sore after all the shopping today! Phewww!

The air is loaded with the smoke of all those firecrackers. And every now and then, we get to hear a "BHHAADDAAAMM!!" and "BHHAADDOOOMM!!"... interspersed with the "10,000 chataai"! [Refer to the Pic on the right] The sky keeps breaking into sudden showers of different colored light sparks!

Our own celebrations were limited to the Diwali puja though -- the diya-pujan and then the Ganesh-Lakshmi pujan -- and of course, tasty food! :p We don't contribute in polluting the atmosphere in the name of a festival. Took a lot of pictures of the puja... will transfer them to my PC and then share some here. The first picture in this post is of our 2009 Diwali Puja at home.

In the meanwhile, A Very Happy Diwali to all my readers! :D

This is my fifth post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

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Rajlakshmi said...

ahh the joys of Diwali... been a long time since I had felt this hustle bustle of Diwali. Nice post. Hope you are having a great time.

Mahesh Nayak said...

A happy diwali to you too! Enjoy !!

Kaddu said...

@ Rajlakshmi: How come you're not in the middle of all this madness? Are you living abroad right now? And yes, I did enjoy thoroughly! In fact, people are awake at such early hours to have another go at the noisy crackers!

Kaddu said...

@ Mahesh: Thanks dude! Same to u! :D

Jidhu Jose said...

Happy Diwali

Kaddu said...

Thanks Jidhu

Roshmi Sinha said...

Happy Diwali!

Kaddu said...

Thanks Roshmi! :D How did the little one celebrate it?

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