The Biggest Controversy in the Blogosphere!

Those of you who are in my circle on Facebook would have witnessed a major drama unfolding there since the last couple of days! The controversy is about none other than WeBlog, the self-proclaimed “blogging community”, which I wrote-off months ago! You can read my previous posts on it at the following links:

WeBlog started as an anonymously owned community, apparently failed to deliver what they promised, abused and banned bloggers who questioned their authenticity, and finally the person behind this whole project has been discovered! I will not put up his name here because I have no personal grudge against him. So, for the scope of this post, let’s refer to him as “Mr. WeBlog”.

Here are the accusations levied on him by a group of bloggers:

  • ONE. Mr. WeBlog promised stuff to contest winners on the community, which have not been delivered to them.

    I wouldn’t know the validity of this accusation because I never participated in any such contests, forget about winning anything! Neither have I bothered to check their website after they banned me in August. So no comments on this.

  • TWO. Mr. WeBlog verbally abuses people who question his authenticity, deletes their posts/comments from the page and bans them.

    So? What’s new about it? Didn’t I try to inform everybody about it months ago? But back then, people were caught up in their own greed for name & fame, with hopes of winning an interview, even if that interview was conducted by a non-existent entity! As for being abusive, well it just reflects on the level of maturity of that person. To be honest, I’m seeing abuses flying both way, like the tennis ball in the CWG 2010 finals between Sania and Rodionova!

  • THREE. Mr. WeBlog copied the interview questions from BlogAdda’s interviews.

    Well that’s for BlogAdda to take action on, isn’t it? If any of their copyright has been breached and if they feel it’s necessary to take legal action against the guilty, then they’ll do so! Ha ha! We small bloggers really don’t need to concern ourselves with their matters now! :D

  • FOUR. Mr. WeBlog used the community built under the banner of WeBlog to leverage his own stand in IndiBlogger contests, *apparently* winning a cash prize of Rs. 50 thousand.

    What’s wrong in it? He tried to aim for two birds with one arrow, and succeeded! That’s a brilliant piece of “out-of-the-box” thinking IMO! The fact remains that the community was built by him; it was all due to his networking efforts & time investment that he got like 400-or-whatever votes on his post for this contest! So maybe he was emailing everybody, begging for votes, but was he the only one doing that? I don’t want to take names here, but some of the “victims” are also guilty of this vote-begging act! Is this uproar caused by jealousy then, that he was able to “beg” so many votes whereas the “victims” couldn’t! At the end of the day, he simply made use of an already existing flaw in the IndiBlogger voting system. If anyone must be held responsible for it, then that’s the IndiBlogger team! Write to them to either change the voting algorithm or do away with it altogether till an alternative is found!

  • FIVE. Mr. WeBlog supported CWG 2010 using the WeBlog site.

    So? What’s wrong in that either? I also supported CWG using my own blog as well as Kadzilla’s Lounge! If one is passionate about a cause, one can use any available platform to express that passion. However, the fact that he was abusive in arguments related to CWG, is a different matter altogether. I don’t see any relevance of the personal nature of a person with a site. Besides, I was witness to some of those CWG arguments, and I saw abuses flying both ways at that time too.


  • What Mr. WeBlog really is guilty of, nobody has even mentioned! He has (whether intentionally or unknowingly, I do not know) created a “link farm” on this so-called “blogging community”, and all those bloggers who are linking to it from their blogs will be penalized by Google in its next page rank update.

  • He’s being majorly abusive dealing with any difference of views or negative feedback. He’s also banning people left and right. These are signs of a very low maturity level. But then, if that’s the way he is, then you either accept him that way or you wash your hands off him completely. Simple. IMO, there are other bigger culprits in our country to "fry" -- for example, people who are still practicing female foeticide!

  • He's still not owning up that he really is the person behind the site! He apparently lied about it yesterday, when confronted directly, and said that he sold off the community to someone else 2 months ago! Surely nobody in the web space is foolish enough to buy a hardly-2-months-old, no PR "blog", on a free "" domain! So if his intentions behind creating this site were honest, then why would he need to lie now?

And lastly, all I’ll say is that Mr. WeBlog tried his hand at some “get-rich-quick” stunt, without doing adequate research in the subject first, and it backfired on him! The “victims” also tried to “get-famous-quick” with the interview stunt, and that also backfired on them! Bottomline: “Quick” schemes never pay off in the long run! :D

This is my seventh post for NaBloPoMo November 2010.

Link to the previous post: Food Festival!

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Want to Add Something?

Chocolate Lover said...

loved it :P :P haha! thanks finally i can know what the matter is!! :P

Pooja Sharma said...

This is Interesting Kaddu .. Whose this Mr.Weblog.. I so wanna know more abt him :-)

Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

I never thought that even in web hosting so much of 'Til-mul' (Tamil) or 'Ulta pulta' (Hindi) can happen for personal gain!

Kaddu said...

@ Chocolate Lover: Yes well FB & indiforum don't have that much space as in a blog post, right! And I had to my post for NaBloPoMo anyway...

Kaddu said...

@ Pooja: He's the "Mr. Natwarlal" of the blogging world! :D Will mail u the details soon... interesting story! Not in the league of the Oceans series, but still very interesting!

Kaddu said...

@ Pooja again: Say I'm curious... if given a choice between a Mystery novel and a Mills & Boon, which one would u pick?

Kaddu said...

@ Mr. Ayyangar:

:) Blogging world is evolving too fast. It's nothing like it used to be 2 years ago, when people simply wrote to express themselves... and to connect with like-minded people!

Nethra said...

I didn't participate in any "vote begging" contests but I still feel worthy posts should have won the indiblogger contest.

But I agree with you, if we got problem with them then we should just ignore him and not make him a celeb by talking about him.

Kaddu said...

Hi Nethra! I guess it just can't be helped this time though... nobody really had the foresight to anticipate such a thing! I hope the IndiBlogger team changes the format for future contests!

BK Chowla, said...

You found the right expression--"Natwarlal"

Kaddu said...

@ Mr. Chowla: He he! :p

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