Adaptation of Singhania’s Traditional ‘Mishthan’

I’m not really very fond of cooking. I usually find myself at wits’ end every time I enter the kitchen. Moreover, I don’t like spending too much time in there either, so I’m always on the lookout for something quick to make! A few days ago, I tried this minor adaptation of Singhania’s Traditional ‘Mishthan’.

Singhania’s Traditional ‘Mishthan’ is actually a weird kind of stuffed paratha. And there’s most certainly nothing sweet about it. Nevertheless, it has been christened as ‘Mishthan’, and nobody really knows why.

The recipe given below is a very basic adaptation of it. In fact, the real ‘Mishthan’ looks quite different from this one, but I’ll share that recipe some other time. Also, since I’m new into this “recipe publishing” business, I didn’t really remember to work on the presentation part to get a better picture for you guys. Will try to remember next time! :p


1 cup left-over rice (i.e. already cooked)
1 medium-size onion, finely chopped
1 green chillie, finely chopped
1 papad, roasted & crunched
Salt and red chillie powder to taste
Dough of 2 cups Atta flour (for making the parathas)


  • Mix all the ingredients together in a plate. This will serve as the stuffing for the paratha. (See pic on right)

  • Make ping-pong sized balls from the dough.

  • Roll out one of the balls into a small thick circle (about 4 inch in diameter), and place a small portion of the stuffing mixture in the center of this circle.

  • Fold the edges inwards ensuring that no air is trapped inside and no stuffing is exposed.

  • Roll it up a bit in some flour, place it on the rolling board again, and flatten with your palm. Then roll it out into a bigger circle as shown in the picture below.

  • Place this paratha on a pre-heated tava (griddle) and allow the side to cook till it has golden-brown patches.

  • Flip and repeat the above for the other side.

  • Spray a little oil (or just rub over with a big spoon dipped in oil) and flip again. Same way, oil the other side too.

  • Cook till it looks like this.

  • Serve hot with pickle and curd.


  • You can pack this up (with just the pickle) for your kids too, as their lunch in school.

  • Also, you can use any kind of cooked left-over rice in the stuffing; need not be necessarily plain boiled rice.

Of course, like I said in the beginning, the real ‘Mishthan’ is quite “loaded” as compared to this adaptation. But I’ll need to make it first to get the pictures for the recipe.

In the meanwhile, here's more in Recipes!

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Want to Add Something?

avdi said...

ok.. a cousin of mine loves rice-stuffed parantha, but the crunched papad is a great idea. I will try it.

Kaddu said...

Hey Avdi, try it & let me know how u liked it! :)
Will post the recipe of the real 'Mishthan' too. TC... c ya...

BK Chowla, said...

I had not heard of this before.

Kaddu said...

Do try it out Mr. Chowla. :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Never heard of a rice stuffed paratha. But... I'm sure it must be tasty. Will try it out sometime. I had tried out your 'Singhania's traditional aloo jhol' and quite liked it :)

Kaddu said...

Roshmi, my sister was home for Diwali, and she had the Aloo Jhol twice... within just one week of her stay... when we already had so many other dishes on our cooking list! Do try out the parathas too, & let me know how you liked them.

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