Live Life: Visit A Museum

Yes, I know what you guys are thinking! How can visiting a museum make any difference to the quality of our life?

The thing is, as I have said it many times before on my blog, and I’m saying again now, humans, in general, have a very limited scope of perception – both tele focal as well as wide angle! We rarely realize the true probable extent of any of our actions. And that is why “a visit to the museum” does not translate to anything more than “spending a boring Sunday looking at extinct stuff”!

Have a look at this picture…

It is an ancient helmet from some long lost era, and from the looks of it, seems that it has seen a few battles!

Tells us a lot about the creativity of the people back then, who did not have all our modern technological tools and processes, and yet they were able to create effective defense gear for themselves. Makes one go “WOW” with wonder!

And all the other things on display… reminders of an ancient time… an ancient culture. The toys their children used to play with, the idols of Gods & Goddesses they worshipped back then, what wheels they used to commute… gives us a completely different perspective on our life.

For instance, we don’t need to hire staff today just to beat the heat. :)

We have a lot of sources today (Read: ‘Media’!) that continuously remind us of what all we “lack” in our life – without which we cannot get a job, or a girlfriend/boyfriend, or anything in life basically! It’s only fair to us then that we spend sometime in a place which reminds us of what all we DO have!

Aspiring for the “better” is good, but being grateful for what we already have is also equally important.

Ahh… but that calls for a complete new post… tomorrow perhaps…

Oh by the way, that helmet above was added to miss_teerious “on special request”… for specific safety concerns! If any of you is interested in knowing why, then read the post “25 Reasons”… as well as the comments on that post. [wink]

This is my 21st post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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Rajlakshmi said...

the creativity and talent of older generation is really a thing to be marvelled on... nicely co-related :)

Kaddu said...

Thanks Rajlakshmi :)

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