Live Life: Surround yourself With Positive People

Over 12 years ago, in one of my very initial Reiki classes, the teacher had told us in the class to “cut ourselves off from negative people as far as possible”.

Back then, I was just a student with hardly any exposure to life. So I couldn’t really understand his words (negative people?), even though they stayed in my mind because I have a sharp memory, being predominantly left-brain oriented.

The last decade, though, has more than made up for my previous lack of exposure. I have met some of the worst kind of people possible, and also some real gems. And I now understand why it is so important to carefully select our company.

You come across certain people in life who are like a breath of fresh air. You smile more with them, even laugh a lot more, and you forget all your stressful “burdens of life”, even if just temporarily. Their presence is like the outbreak of the first rays of sun after a week of dismal gray clouds hanging heavily over the skies. In short, you feel light-hearted with them. Yes… those people are like Jacob Black in the Twilight series. I've actually read that entire series twice already, just for that one character!

Anyways, there is also the other type of people… the “energy vampires” as I refer to them in my mind. Oops! Vampires! Ok now this metaphor doesn’t have any deliberate correlation with the Twilight series… I have been using this metaphor for a couple of years now, long before I even heard of this series… though now that I think of it, Edward really was a gloomy kind of a person vampire! Maybe all vampires are depressing creatures! Oh but Alice surely wasn’t! She was one of the perkiest characters in any novel in fact!

Ok but hold on a minute… why am I going on and on about the Twilight series here? This post isn’t a review on that series! Really now!

So coming back to the other category of people… these “energy vampires”, as their name suggests, suck all life out of you. I don’t really know how they do it, but once you finish a conversation with them, you wish you’d never started it in the first place. You end up feeling bad about them, about yourself and about the whole world at times! In fact, you’re basically left in a frame of mind when you can see nothing but negativity all around you! Like you were seeing the world through a horribly black filter!

Actually, it’s just a basic scientific phenomenon… energy, like water, flows from higher level to lower level by default. And our bodies are nothing but a combination of a whole lot of electromagnetic fields – in simple words, ENERGY. And a person with a low energy field will automatically draw energy from one with a stronger field. It’s but natural.

As a matter of fact, we all tend to become these “energy vampires” every now & then. And this happens more often if we are constantly surrounded by negative people, who keep draining our energies. It’s like a cycle.

And that’s what my old Reiki teacher meant when he told us to distance ourselves from such negative people. He meant for us to break this otherwise infinite chain.

Once long ago, I made a post here regarding my new policy with people: G.I.A. – "Garbage In, Avoid". I’m still using that same policy in my life, a little more confidently now though.

I’m very selective about my company these days… who I chat with, who I talk on the phone with, who I meet…

As far as possible, I allow only those people in my personal circle now who appreciate me for what I am. People like Jacob Black, with whom I can just throw my head back and laugh at life itself… rather than ones with whom life feels like a punishment, or some kind of “pressure cooker”!

Yes that means that I indulge in very limited socializing now, but I’ve always preferred quality over quantity anyway.

It doesn’t take too long for weeds to cover your entire garden, but it’s the flowers you want there, right? Not them weeds! :)

This is my 16th post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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