Live Life: Show Up

“No matter how you feel... get up, dress up and show up.”

That is the personal mantra of Ritu Lalit – recognized by the blog world as just "phonenixritu". And that basically sums up this post.

Keeping yourself motivated at all times is perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by anybody, especially when the goings are tough, and life feels like a huge burden! But that’s exactly the time when we need to keep going.

I try to keep in touch with a lot of people on Facebook… even people I have never met in real life… bloggers, my FarmVille neighbors…

I have been asked several times why I do it. “Do you get paid for it?”

The thing is that money is not everything in life...
People are more important (even though this truth has been conveniently forgotten by most today!)…
And PEOPLE can be really AWESOME at times!

Those random “strangers” in my Facebook friend-list include people who have lost young kids, people who have been deceitfully separated from their own parent during childhood, people who have successfully rehabilitated themselves after serious drug addiction, some who are struggling to be strong for their families, their grandchildren, and some more who are dealing with broken families!

Yet they all SHOW UP.

No matter what life throws at them, they don’t break; they don’t give up. You can see them carrying on with life just like usual. You can see their status updates… photographs of their various minor & major achievements… stories of their faith… and then you just can’t help but admire their spirits.

No, I’m not getting paid for spending some time regularly interacting with them. And their autobiographies aren’t going to make me rich either. I don’t send them that Shovel or Vehicle Part or some Construction Material that they need in their farm expecting to get some monetary benefits for the same.

I simply do what they do… SHOW UP… with a smile.

Because no matter what happens, life goes on.

This is my second post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

Link to the previous post: Live Life: Face Your Fears

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Want to Add Something?

Shreesh said...

hey ..what you said makes sense. And perhaps this is why even iam online a lot of time. through internet i have come across some of the greatest people that i have in my life and i know there are more people who just by being what they are enriching the world them, then there are those who give me a purpose just with their hello and a smiley. I feel a day well lived when even a single soul says it was great talking to you with complete genuineness

Shobhit said...

“Do you get paid for it?”.......

Why does everyone so concerned about getting paid ??? Like you said, money is not everything in life.

I wonder though, if people would do those things themselves if they were paid for it. Even though they are surprised at you doing them.

Kaddu said...

@ Shreesh: Thanks for dropping in.

@ Shobhit: I guess they will. They'll probably do anything for money. If they can work 14 hours a day, even on weekends, they'll probably do anything for money.

evanescentthoughts said...

everything boils down to money for some people.. thankfully not everyone thinks so.. else the world would've full of selfish mean people :) Good luck with NaBloPoMo

Kaddu said...

Thanks Avada :)

Unknown said...

Nice way to putting important things.
I love to read ur blogs.

Keep writing!

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Thanks again, "Unknown". I'm guessing you're the same person who dropped in to say "Hi" a few days ago. Glad you like my posts. See you around... :)

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