Live Life: Motivate Yourself

Just four days left for the end of this NaBloPoMo series. And I feel like Frodo Baggins of Lord of The Rings. There’s such a weight pressing me down, and this weight seems to be growing heavier as I keep getting closer to the end of this journey.

The last 3 days have seen me in extreme physical and mental exhaustion, as you have probably already made out from my post “Live Life: Take A Break”. I did manage to find another maid though, but she’s still on probation at the moment. Despite that, my body and mind seem to be held in some sort of prolonged jet lag. I have no idea how I’m managing to get anything done at all for the last few days!

And you know what the most astonishing thing is! Frodo had Sam with him to cheer him up and to motivate him and ensure he kept going. I don’t. There is no ‘Sam’ accompanying me along this journey. And yet, I find the motivation coming from within myself.

It’s almost as if the ‘Sam’ is also inside me, just like the ‘Frodo’ is. So while the ‘Frodo’ part of me craves for at least 2 days of uninterrupted sleep and rest, the ‘Sam’ part of me urges me to go on and finish this thing off… just 4 days more. Come on, you can do it! You managed through 26 days, what’s another 4 days now? You can do it! Don’t give up on this with just 4 days left to go!

See that’s the trouble with these things! In the initial stages, your conscience (or whatever it is that starts pestering you as soon as you try to cut some unjustifiable slack) tells you that you can’t give up so soon. It argues with you that you haven’t even started properly yet, and you are thinking of quitting already! And when you are more than half-way through, it cajoles you that you can’t give up so close to the finish line now! Sighhhhhhh!

That’s the ‘Sam’ part of us. We all have a ‘Samwise Gamgee’ within us… just like we have a ‘Sauron’ too, wearing down our body (‘Frodo Baggins’) with thoughts of doom & despair. It is the ‘Sam’ within us that keeps us motivated in such times, of course if we listen to it obviously!

And Sam tells me I should complete this project (Look at him! The oaf is still whispering in my ears -"just 3 more posts left now! Yayyy!"), publish the next issue of Kadzilla’s Lounge on the 1st, and then there will be enough time to catch up on the sleep and the rest after that. Hmmm. As long as I have sleep to look forward to, I guess I can manage to get through this somehow.

This is my 27th post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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evanescentthoughts said...

oh yes I read this post long back Kaddu, just dint comment since I was lazy to login and comment.. Really liked the post.. so true we must listen to the Sam part of us and keep going, rather than get frustrated or disappointed with life :)

Kaddu said...

Yes, and you know my Dad is not very fond of fantasy stuff... but he caught a few scenes of the series while I was watching it last time... and he also mentioned that it's just the Sam guy doing everything, so why is the other one the "hero" in the movie!

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