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In today’s times, our lives are completely in control of the media – movies, news, and even online channels like social networking platforms. A trending topic on twitter or Facebook, or even in the Blogosphere, can strongly sway the masses towards a specific course of action. And the media know this truth, and they lead us like herds towards whatever direction suits their own selfish motives.

As I have mentioned so many times before on my blog, Media is a part of the Alien Conspiracy meant to keep Earthlings under perpetual fear and despair.

There are probably a dozen news channels on air today, each one 24 by 7, and you hardly ever see them reporting about anything good happening around. They hunt untiringly for negative issues, controversies, scandals, and if they can’t find such news, they create it themselves!

A very current example: The Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010.

Yes, we didn’t finish stuff as per the original schedule. Yes, the CWF had to give extensions. Yes, there is chaos and confusion all around. Oh and corruption too! That being said, the conditions aren’t as bad as the media is making them look like.

For example – look at the photos of Commonwealth games (CWG) stadiums, published by the CWG News site – This post was published on their site on the 17th of September, which means that the pictures would have been available to the media by then.

Yet, the only photos that are being circulated via social networking and on news channels are the ones on BBC News, of the Commonwealth Games: Athletes' village -!

Ok so agreed that the Games Village is not cleaned up yet, but, what about the state-of-the-art stadiums? And the dining hall? And the awesome gym?

Fine! Press the organizers for not finishing the Games Village on time! But do give some credit for all the wonderful work that has been done too!

* Special compositions of A R Rahman are going to reverberate in the ceremonies!

* Special Tourist Information Kiosks have been set up for all foreign spectators.

* A very comprehensive website has been developed for easy booking and tracking of tickets for CWG.

But there is no coverage at all about these things in the media! They are deliberately trying to stir up controversies and tensions even now!

I saw it during lunch on NDTV. Barkha Dutt was interviewing Mike Hooper of CWG. On the right pane of the TV screen, Mike was going on about how things are looking positive now, and that there have been major improvements in the last 3 days, people are working together now, etc etc… while on the left pane of the screen, NDTV was still running the same pictures of that SINGLE dirty toilet & wash-basin! There was absolutely no relevance to what the man was saying and what footage the channel was showing!

Mr. Hooper was giving an account of the present situation, and how the future looked promising, and yet she kept trying to dig up old controversies between him & Mr. Kalmadi! Although Mr. Hooper repeatedly made it very clear that he was not interested in what happened in the past anymore!

The fact remains that media will show you only what they want you to see… based on whatever course of action they eventually want you to take. And rest assured my friends… they will always show only those things that make you angry, and incite you to lash out at someone… so that another “news item” is created for them!

And that is why I say:

  • Avoid giving too much space to media in your life.
  • Do not let them herd you for their selfish motives.
  • Think for yourself.
  • And ALWAYS insist on seeing BOTH sides of the story before you jump into action!


This is my 24th post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

Link to the previous post: Live Life: Don’t Focus On Negative Thoughts

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...

Exactly !

And most of the so-called 'responsible Indians' supposedly believe that their sitting back and complaining/criticising the Common Wealth Games is enough on their part. They can only connect it to national pride !

Isn't India's pride down in the dumps while the whole world watches us fighting over a piece of land in the name of temple and mosque. So much so that all of India goes into hibernation into their homes as if under a curfew on the expected day of a probable decision of a preposterous dispute that is being fought in court for over six decades !!! I guess they don't find India's pride to take a beating in that. :rolls eyes:

As for my part, I'm going to visit the games. Not to support the negatives but to acknowledge the achievements in the preparations and witness some wonderful contests between highly talented sportspersons !

Kaddu said...

@ Shobhit: Hey those were some very valuable additions man! Thanks!

Regarding the Ayodhya verdict... check the wall of Kadzilla's Lounge on Facebook... another blogger (Saurabh Panshikar) has come up with the prefect solution to it... a solution to which neither party will be able to say No! No curfew, no more fights, no discord at all abt that place! :D He he! It's just SUPER BRILLIANT!

BK Chowla, said...

Without touching on the subject of either Ayoudhaya or CWG,I would say that media is now a full time associate of a normal person's life.
How we treat the media, must be left to individuals.

Kaddu said...

@ Mr. Chowla: Yeah... just wish people would use their brains though, and not blindly believe everything the media tells them!

Shreesh said...

Well my first reaction on pride of the nation statement was , What kind of pride for the country, where checque signed my the prime minister of the nation bounces for the lack of funds. This happened in vidarbha where such checques were given my honorable priminister to the families of farmers who had committed suicide. Can we really have pride for building a sports complex to have an image with such problems lurking in background.
All said and done , there is one very positive side of CWG, indians get to learn newer management for international projects and we hope to have platform for the local sports talent to come to the fore

Kaddu said...

@ Shreesh: Yes, there are always 2 sides of the coin. It is amidst all chaos & confusion that new leaders are born. Newer ways of working as a team are discovered. Everything is part of life... both the negative as well as the positive, and the media should try & show life as it is, rather than focusing only on the darkness.

Kaddu said...

@ Shreesh: Yes, there are always 2 sides of the coin. It is amidst all chaos & confusion that new leaders are born. Newer ways of working as a team are discovered. Everything is part of life... both the negative as well as the positive, and the media should try & show life as it is, rather than focusing only on the darkness.

Roshmi Sinha said...


How I long for the days of 'mukhya samachar' and 'news' televised by our good old DD. No 25/7 news channels a day... to churn out contrived and manufactured breaking news and headlines.

Depending on the allegiances of the hands that own the media house... the headlines rule or intend to rule the minds and thoughts of the people...

... and they succeed in creating an impression.

P.S. Please read : "Dilli Chalo" @

It is a must read!

P.S. Shubho Bijoya!

Kaddu said...

That was an awesome post Roshmi! Thanks for directing me to it. :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

:) :) :)

P.S. How come you are MIA from my blog... for several months now... ??!!!

Kaddu said...

:p Caught red-handed! Plead guilty!

Actually, I've been MIA from practically everyone's blogs for months now. Turned into a silent reader.

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