Live Life: Keep The Faith Alive

Today I am going to do a relatively short post. Not because of lack of time or inspiration, but, because some messages are better communicated with fewer words. And today’s message is simply…

"Keep the Faith Alive"

Faith in God?
Faith in yourself?
Faith in what?

Just faith. Period.

One year ago, I had a conversation with someone, in which I mentioned that I couldn’t make out whether I had faith or not… in anything!

In fact, that was the time when I didn’t even understand clearly what “faith” meant, and how was it different from “trust” or “belief”.

But finally I know.

Different people would see it in different ways – my perception sees it this way:

Belief comes purely from the left brain, or the “programmed” brain.

Trust would lie somewhere in the middle probably – partly based on past experience with the similar stimulus, and partly based on gut feeling.

However, faith comes purely from within – from the right brain, or the “intuitive” brain.

There may be no comprehensible rationale behind it, and yet it would be there – unshakable.

Faith is what turns our dreams into reality.
Faith is what keeps us going in all adversity.
Faith is that which helps us stand up after a fall.
Faith is what makes us start afresh after losing all.

But faith in what?

Just faith. Period.

In Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Professor Dumbledore tells Harry that “help will always be given to those who ask for it.

Doesn’t matter in what form the help is delivered, or by whom it is delivered… just that it will be delivered.

That is faith.

This is my 20th post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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:D Et tu, Roshmi? Few words? :p :p

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Succinct! :D

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