Live Life: Have A Sense of Wonder

Have you ever seen a small child playing? I have. I thoroughly enjoy watching my almost-4-year-old-now nephew UV play.

Every time he comes to my house for a visit, he gets on my treadmill, and not only runs on it, but also rolls on it, slides on it, pretends to sleep on it, and plays hide-&-seek around it! He tried experimenting with some kind of hanging stunts too, with the handles, but, I forbid him to do that – it was scaring the hell out of me!

If you leave him in the kitchen, he will pretend he’s the master chef, and try to cook the "Singhania’s Traditional Aloo Jhol" with raw potatoes! Or he’ll pick up one of the stirrers and pretend he’s the greatest swordsman in the world, shoo-ing off all the bad aliens attacking our planet, who are obviously visible to him only!

And if it’s one of his lucky days when somebody takes him to an actual playground, with swings and lots of space to run around, oh then there is absolutely no stopping his creativity!

It’s just amazing to witness his wonder and excitement about every little thing in his life! Be it a new toy or some new trick that he has learnt - he’s just super-duper excited about life itself!

And that’s the kind of quality that keeps one going in life.

Those of you who have been following my blog for long would have recognized such a pattern here also.

First there was a stretch in which I posted so many games on this blog, which were eventually added to the drop-down menu above – “Games”. It used to be pure joy searching for more widgets of fun games that my readers would enjoy!

Then there was an outburst of excitement over tags. I kept doing one tag after another, and bloggers kept tagging me with more of such tags! Until the whole Blogosphere was filled with tags!

And there was that spell when I posted about 2 dozen odd "Who-Am-I" quizzes on my blog… one after the other! And I was filled with wonder about the accuracy of most of those quizzes!

Oh and not to forget the bumper stretch of FarmVille! LOL! There were so many posts on my farm and my neighbors’ farms during those few days that many of my regular readers had actually stopped reading my blog! :p

And then more recently, my blog was filled with posts about my magazine! For me, that magazine is still a marvel… a fascinating product of my creativity! And I’m still exploring what all I can do with it… just like my nephew UV, you know! The way he eyes my treadmill and wonders what all can be done with it! :D

It’s the same child-like sense of wonder and excitement that makes mundane things look like the most exciting things on this planet! So that you’re just totally immersed in them and don’t want to miss out on anything! Every tiny thing becomes an adventure worth sharing about!

Not many “grown-ups” today share this feeling though. Some of the people I know never get excited about anything at all! But for some, even searching for their “new” favorite song on the internet becomes the most pleasurable activity!

I do all the cooking at my home, and I have realized with experience that the day my heart is in the cooking completely, when I’m thoroughly enjoying every step involved – chopping the veggies in perfectly equal-sized pieces, marveling at their varied shapes and colors, watching the onions turn pink & then brown in the frying pan, savoring the aroma of every individual spice added to the gravy – food tastes so much better than those other days when “I’m just doing my job”!

The thing is that to truly enjoy and appreciate life, it is important that we never let go of that childlike excitement and sense of wonder at even the most routine activities.

This is my third post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

Link to the previous post: Live Life: Show Up

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...


Exactly ! Just look at Sachin Tendulkar when he takes a wicket or holds on to a catch. You will immediately see the joy of the child in him. And that what makes him so so special. Just like UV. :)

Kaddu said...

Yessss! Exactly! Even if he has taken the similar shot or the similar catch 100 times before, he still appears dazzled by it, like something miraculous has happened in that moment! :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

"The thing is that to truly enjoy and appreciate life, it is important that we never let go of that childlike excitement and sense of wonder at even the most routine activities."

... Righto!!!

... UV is such a cutie-pie...

Kaddu said...

Oh yes... he is adorable! And he is just a day older than this blog! :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

Wow! Siblings then :)

Kaddu said...

@ Roshmi: Haha! Yes u can say that... "cousins" to be more precise! :D

Unknown said...

Very well written.
Very true.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Thanks, "Unknown" :)

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