Live Life: Get A Good Night’s Sleep

One upon a time, we lived in a world where there was no television. We used to spend quality time with our family, play badminton on our terrace, fly kites, have early dinner and then snuggle into our beds, with Vivid Bharti playing some awesome tunes on our radio sets.

Then came the era of the black-and-white TV, and the “prime-time” show at 9 pm on Delhi Doordarshan was the last show that we watched with family on the “idiot-box”. After which, it was Vivid Bharti’s turn again on the radio, till we fell asleep.

But then came in colored television, soon followed by the cable TV, with its multitude of channels and countless number of never-ending marathon soap operas. We forgot Vivid Bharti. The “prime-time” moved later into the night. And bedtimes changed from 10 pm to 12 midnight!

To further add to all this unwanted mental clutter, computers and the internet rushed in. And now, it has become a common pattern among urban dwellers to go to bed past midnight, despite the fact that majority of these people have to get up early enough for work.

End result: Sleep deprivation.

For good health, mental clarity, concentration, creativity, and enriching relationships, it is essential that we get approximately 8 hours of sleep every day.

We are living in a highly fast-paced and toxic world today. We face continuous stress at school, college, work, and practically every area of our life. Add to that, the growing lack of purity in everything around us – polluted air, inorganic food, and milk products made of urea!

Our body is under a lot of pressure, even though we don’t realize it. And the only time that the body gets to recharge itself is when we sleep. With the kind of lifestyle most of us are leading today, we would ideally need more than 8 hours of sleep to counter effect all the negativities arising from such a high-stress life. Contrary to that, most of us just make do with 5 or even lesser hours of sleep per day!

Growing obesity, decreasing emotional quotient, increased chronic illnesses, including heart trouble, are just some of the manifestations of such a sleep-deprived unhealthy lifestyle.

Ask yourself:

  • When you are chatting with someone on the net at 1:30 in the night, is that chat really THAT important? Are you really discussing something that is even more important than your health?

  • When you are watching the late-night TV show or the 11 pm movie on HBO or Star Movies, what is the ROI (Retrun On Investment) of that activity? Is it really worth it in the long run?

  • When you are working extended hours in the office for a few thousand extra bucks, in all probability, you’ll spend that extra money on extra long medical bills! So what’s the point of losing your sleep for it?

Lack of enough sleep completely disturbs our digestive system. It gradually saps away all our creative talents. The mind becomes an incessant chatter-box, and we soon find that we are unable to go to sleep even if we want to. Chronic insomnia sets in.

I have found that reading a boring book (History, in my case!) usually helps put me to sleep within minutes. Otherwise, soft music is the best solution.

But if things are really extreme with anyone, there are certain accupressure points that can help. And even homeopathy medicines provide quick relief in such cases.

Then there is also the Dhyan Mudra (or Gyan Mudra), formed by joining the tip of the thumb and the forefinger. It not only bestows intelligence and enhances concentration and memory, but also prevents insomnia.

Lack of sleep is detrimental to living life fully – whether it happens by choice or because of some malfunctioning in the body.

The term “beauty sleep” wasn’t coined because it literally makes the person beautiful. Adequate sleep makes life as a whole beautiful! And the physical beauty of the person is merely a reflection of his inner state of being – his joyful experience of a fruitful and rewarding life.

Picture Credit: Flickr - Ingravity

This is my fifth post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...


Exactly ! We really have some highly misplaced priorities in our lives.

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

doordarshan k din sachhi achhe the...

Kaddu said...

@ Shobhit: :D Need to chat... will u be online today evening?

Kaddu said...

@ DayDreamer: I didn't know u were still connected with the Blogosphere. Did u see my new eZine?

Shruti said...

bang on! and with a baby and a smartphone + friends across the globe. i am contacted by someone or the other every two hours or so. Meaning i never sleep for more than 2 hours at a stretch! People even write professional mails at at 12:00 am these days, AND expect a prompt reply.

Shail said...

My children tell me I am the only one among mother who tells her children to do to sleep while the rest want their children to stay awake some more and study! This was during their Board exam days.
I can honestly say that I have achieved from sleep the same if not more than my fellow classmates have achieved by sitting late night poring over their books during my college days!
Sleep is very important. BTW sleep is a little bit elusive now. Can you tell me what the acupressure points are for that??

Kaddu said...

@ Shruti: Oh! Thank God I don't have any babies to look after right now! And phone means "just phone" for me -- not an audio player, not a digital cam, and definitely not an internet service provider! :p

Anybody who dares to call me after 11 pm, especially without prior permission, is risking his/her life big time! I value a good night's sleep too much, and am always ready to lecture anyone on this.

Kaddu said...

@ Shail: Hey ditto! Even I never cared much for late-night cram sessions! The one time I tried it in class 10th prelims, I kept dreaming about math formulaes and chemistry formulaes all mixed up! On top of it, I could barely keep my eyes open during that exam!

Since then, I decided that revision isn't as important before an exam as a good night's sleep! And even now, I always make it a point to get enough sleep before any important day.

Accupressure points for it... I'll have to look them up. You're there in my FB friend list, aren't u? I'll send u a message directly there, ok?

Shruti said...

@ shail/kaddu, may i suggest accupressure/reflexology point on the foot? the gland being worked on is called hypothalmus and the location is slightly off the tip of both great toes tilted towards the rest of the toes.

Kaddu said...

Thanks for sharing this Shruti. Do you have a picture for it? If yes, then can you mail it to me at the ID given in my blogger profile. I will add it to this post.

Also, 10 years ago I took some professional accupressure healing for 3 weeks, and over there, the practitioner taught me another point for insomnia which was somewhere around the ankle. I will have to go through his book to find that point though.

Shail said...

Yeah okay! :)

Shail said...

@Shruti, a picture would be helpful :)

BK Chowla, said...

I am of the opinion that TV has brought in an era of zero communication between the family members.TV channels must be put off by 8 pm

Kaddu said...

Very true Mr. Chowla! The irony is 8 pm is when the idiot box really starts in most homes... before that, people are at work etc. :(

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