Live Life: Follow Your Heart

There are many occasions in life when we find ourselves in a situation where our heart tells us to do one thing, while our mind says just the opposite. In those confusing times, it can be really very difficult taking a decision. So what do we do then?

We do exactly what thousands of fables, in all the languages of the world, tell us to do – we listen to our heart! Even in movies, be it in Bollywood or Hollywood, whenever there is a dilemma, the characters are always advised to do what their heart tells them to do.

There is a reason why the folklore of the old has always taught us to follow our heart.

One of my guides in this life shared this with me in an email once, in relation to my old post “It’s Only Words...” and I have been looking for an opportunity to share it with the rest of my readers too. So I quote:

The heart has over 70,000 neurons. It is a miniature brain in itself. When the heart brain and the head brain are tested as to their sensitivity to stimulus of pictures or sounds, the heart brain always gets the message way before the head brain. Sometimes the head brain doesn't get it at all.

And think of this. The heart develops in the foetus BEFORE the brain, and starts to beat of its own accord BEFORE the brain is there.

The heart brain is evolution's primary receptor. The left brain habits of the current humanity have lost the skills of the more primitive peoples who know easily with their heart brain.

When a heart transplant occurs, the heart that is removed has the vagus nerve and its brain connection severed. When that heart is put into another chest cavity and started, it carries on under its own nervous system without being connected to the vagus brain connection of the donee.

People who have had heart transplants often change their habits, speech patterns and ways of thinking along the lines of the donor. The heart has memories too.

The heart brain reflects reality without all the translations of the mind due to early programming. It's a superior tool for experiencing the real world.

Well then, it turns out that “follow your heart” isn’t just a good-to-read quote after all; there is valid reasoning behind it.

Although in current times, it’s not always easy to do as our heart tells us to, because we have been conditioned to listen to all the logical analyses and empirical evidences provided by our mind instead!

But there are several unprecedented situations in our life, when our thinking brain is not able to interfere because of the complete novelty of the situation. In such rare occasions, the heart brain gets a free reign, and that’s when we can see the difference in their functioning.

I bet “thinking out of the box” also stands for “thinking with the heart brain”!

This is my 13th post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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Want to Add Something?

BK Chowla, said...

I am of the view that one must think with the mind but , ultimately implement implement what the heart says.

Kaddu said...

Very true Mr. Chowla. I completely agree to that.

Mahesh Nayak said...

Nice post. Way to go !

Kaddu said...

Heyyyyyy dude! U r back! U R BACK!!!

miss_teerious missed u soooooooo much u know!

:D :D :D

Mahesh Nayak said...

Yeah I did miss her too. And look how BIG she has grown :D (just like how the old indian aunties say when they meet a youngster after a while!!)

Kaddu said...

@ Mahesh: Ha ha ha ha! So u have morphed into an old Indian aunty now! =))

Btw, miss_teerious is over 350 posts old now! :D

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