Live Life: Face Your Fears

I have never been able to get along too well with rules and bindings. They make me feel claustrophobic. They make me feel… tied.

When I was asked to participate in Blog-A-Ton, I refused for this very reason. All the writers decide on one topic for each round of BAT, and then they all just post on that same topic. I simply couldn’t see myself blogging under such a restrictive environment, even though there’s nothing wrong with such an arrangement from a logical point of view!

Anyways, blogging isn’t the only area where this particular aspect of my personality shows up. I just cannot tie myself to any one thing. Place, job, person… you name it. I cannot commit.

Commitment = Confinement.

This fear of commitment has made its presence felt in practically all areas of my life. And while I am aware of the reasons that have led to this part of my personality, the fact remains that until I overcome it, I will continue to miss out on a lot of fun things in life.

I know it’s always easier for people to get out of things that make them feel uncomfortable, simply by using their fear as an excuse.

“I cannot make that presentation in front of those 50 people! I have stage fright!”

“Hey! I cannot do a business… I am afraid of interacting with people!”

“I cannot go on that trekking trip, I’m afraid of heights!”

(Feel free to add your own personal fears here, whatever they may be!)

And no, life didn’t end for me if I couldn’t participate in BAT!

And, in all probability, life wouldn’t end for you either if you couldn’t try your hand at paragliding or couldn’t pick up that mic on the stage of SaReGaMaPa and show your singing talent in their audition!


Life could certainly have been a little more fun, a little more exciting, if we had been able to overcome our fears and done whatever we didn’t! Think about it…

Face Your Fears
Well, the only way to get rid of your fears is to face them head on. You can try all else – ‘Saam’ (logical reasoning), ‘Daam’ (incentives/treats), ‘Dand’ (punishment) and ‘Bhed’ (divide & conquer) – but nothing works for long! They keep coming right back to you like a faithful puppy!

The only permanent solution for them is to just go out and do EXACTLY what they tell you not to! Once you’ve managed to do it successfully, without sustaining any damages yourself, those fears will automatically leave their hold on you. They’ll just be baseless.

So that’s what I’m going to try doing this month.

NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. All you need to do in it is post on your blog daily for one month. 30 posts in 30 days. One post per day. And this is my first post.

I have committed myself to this.

Ok let me rephrase it… “I have decided to commit myself to this.

Oh alright then… “I’m going to try and commit myself to posting daily here throughout September 2010!

Forget it! Let’s all of us just wait and watch whether I’m able to pull this off or not!

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Want to Add Something?

Pooja Sharma said...

You will surely be able to do this one !!!! All the best .. Would love to read your posts daily :-)

Kaddu said...

Hey thanks Pooja! That's really sweet of you! :)

Shobhit said...


I can see someone is going to miss on a lot of sleep this September... :P

Kaddu said...


Roshmi Sinha said...

Oh goody!

btw... more than us... our colonisers were able to use this philosophy of "Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed" very effectively... even though the great yug-purush Chanakya told us about this some 2400 years ago...

Kaddu said...

@ Roshmi: True! I wonder if Chanakya said anything abt dealing with fears ???

Roshmi Sinha said...


1. "As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it."

2. Means of living, sense of fear, bashfulness and cleverness, spirit of sacrifice - where these five are missing, one shouldn't stay there for even a day.

3. Those who put in labour and hard work are seldom poor; those who pay penance get sins relieved; silence does not beget strife; the awakened one has no fear.

4. Charity drives away poverty; good conduct removes bad ways; wisdom removes foolishness and fear vanishes with good feelings.

5. Giver of birth, baptiser, guide of Vedas, server of food, the protector from fear - these five are equated with father.

... Take your pick :)

Kaddu said...

@Roshmi: Heyyyy those are some really thoughtful words... thanks for sharing them here! :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

:) :) :)

... So... which one did ya choose??? All of them... perhaps...

Kaddu said...

Yes actually all of them, but I find 1 & 5 more applicable in my current life.

Roshmi Sinha said...


The remaining three... are applicable to the society/nation. Nowhere to go/migrate I guess. Sigh!

Kaddu said...

Probably during the time of Chanakya, nobody would have needed to go/migrate anywhere for those 3 points...?

Roshmi Sinha said...

Yep! Everybody was rushing to get here. Its vice versa now. Sadly!

Kaddu said...

And we call ourselves developing nation? Retrograde development?

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