Live Life: Exercise

In today’s lifestyle, apparently the only things worth doing are those that directly help you earn more money. And exercise obviously doesn’t make that list, unless you are a sportsperson or a film star/TV star! It doesn’t help you earn direct money in any way!

“What! Exercise for one hour a day! But I could do something really productive in all that time!”

“Productive” today probably just stands for “making money”. An activity is considered to be a “productive” use of time if it’s helping you earn more money. If it’s not, well then you’re just “wasting your time”!

The thing is, and not many people realize it today, there are a lot of activities that “indirectly” enhance our “productivity”! You may not make any money by performing those activities, but they could impact your overall personality in a way that boosts your money-making potential. And exercise is one such activity.

I have realized that even a 15-minute walk on my treadmill in the evening helps me burn-out any pent-up frustrations, so that they don’t affect my personal and professional relations.

I have realized that 10 minutes of Kapal Bhati every day not only keep the digestive and respiratory systems in balance, but they also increase concentration and help keep my mind alert, so that I’m able to finish off more work in less time.

And I have realized that the simple stretching exercises, the kind we had in our daily P.T. routine in school – back bending, eye rotations, neck rotations, sideways bending etc – are a must for anybody who spends most of his/her waking hours in front of a computer!

Eye strain, cervical problems and back aches are just so common these days… just because of lack of enough exercise.

And that’s not all. Lack of exercise also creates more subtle effects in our body systems – effects that are not visible to the eye!

No, don't pay any attention to the cartoon above! Exercise is what keeps the “Chi” moving within our bodies – the life force or the “Prana”. Without exercise, our body becomes like a pool of stagnant water… a breeding ground for all kinds of disease causing cells.

And the more diseased you become, the greater is the outflow of money towards medical expenses! So at the end of the day, you are left with an unfit body, a shorter lifespan perhaps, and in all probability, a much lighter bank balance!

Besides, what good would all that extra money do anyway; if you are not fit enough to travel around the world, or even enjoy any good food due to diabetes or high BP?

This is my 19th post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...

Exactly !

And it is a fact that involving yourself in a sport (or exercising) not only helps you physically, but also relaxes you mentally. So that you can actually enjoy your life that much more. :)

BK Chowla, said...

I am in agreement with you.I did not realise the importance of exercise when I should have and landed in medical problem.
The only prescription now is a walk for 45 mnts daily.
Please read this post seriously and follow the rules of the game to remain fit.

Kaddu said...

@ Shobhit: Sighhhh! I envy your daily badminton matches! :(

@ Mr. Chowla: Yes walking is my preference too actually. Nothing like a brisk walk in the fresh morning air! Unfortunately, our area has become a favorite hunting ground for a family of monkeys, so our terrace is out of bounds now. That leaves just the treadmill - indoors! But that's life I guess... we make do with whatever we have in the best way we can. Cheers! :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

Exercise is something I just have to do. No choice... especially after the birth of my "baby shona" :)

Kaddu said...

Hey that's nice! I personally feel it is more difficult to make the choice to exercise rather than exercising itself! How old is "baby Shona" btw? :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

My cutie pie "baby shona" is just a month and a half "young" and I underwent a C-sec... due to the previous myomectomy (about 5 months ago)

Kaddu said...

Ohhhhhh... so a Leo then? Had to look up myomectomy... huh! You sure have been keeping busy! Glad you are completely fine now... of course the sleepless nights are going to continue, but it's totally worth it, right! :D Babies just make life so much more beautiful... although can't really say the same about the house... well! :D
Btw, madam my new magazine is waiting for your contributions... so hurry up and join the team! :D

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