Live Life: Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

The root of all misery in this world is our inherent tendency to compare ourselves with others – not those who are less privileged than us in any way, but, ones who are better off than us! Or at least who SEEM better off to us!

“Our neighbors just bought a brand new car!”

“Mrs. Sharma was wearing a diamond set in XYZ’s wedding last night!”

“The Kapoor’s kid always comes first in class and now got selected in the school cricket team also! Wish our son was half as good!”

Comparison creates expectations, and expectations lead to heartaches and frustration.

Furthermore, there is also the “grass-looks-greener-on-other-side” syndrome! We believe that Mrs. Sharma, with her diamond set, has all that one could wish for in life, but, we don’t know the truth. Maybe she looks at our independence, as a working woman, with the same envy or longing! Maybe she wishes she too had the confidence to travel to distant lands alone! Forget about distant lands, maybe she wishes she could even have the guts to go to market without a car and driver at her service!

And your new neighbor, the one with that sparkling new car, might look at you playing badminton with your son on the weekends, wishing he hadn’t acquired heart problem due to over-stress at work!

In other words, while we are wishfully looking at the “other side”, the ones on that side might also be eyeing our turf that appears green to them!

Imagine: if all the flowers of the world went to God one day and asked Him to turn them all into roses… wouldn’t be a good idea at all, right!

Each flower is special in its own unique way… and so are you. So learn to appreciate your special beauty. Do not compare yourself with others.

This is my tenth post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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BK Chowla, said...

I agree with you but, the world is becoming just too competitive and no one wants to be left behind.Whatever is happening is but natural.

Kaddu said...

Very true Mr. Chowla, but is there really any need for us to become so competitive? Weren't we happy few years ago, without the plasma TV or some fancy car! Are all these really so necessary for our happiness? Are we really any happier now?

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