Live Life: Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Not so sure about the rest of the countries, but, in India at least, a lot of expectations are laid on us from a very early age. For most, just giving their best is not enough – they must also be better than the rest – best among all!

While healthy competition is good for self improvement, this insane rush for the Number One position can lead to severe repercussions later in life. Inability to deal with failure, and an obsessive tendency towards perfectionism, can create some very ugly distortions in our overall personality.

It is, therefore, essential to understand that successes and failures are both part of the game. We fail so we can learn something new.

Besides, not all days are our days...

There is absolutely no reason at all to be harsh at ourselves if we slip up at times. As it is, there are too many people around us anyway, to criticize us if we make a mistake or fail to deliver! The least we can do is balance the scale and show a little gentleness to ourselves.

You know what! I’m going to start following this advice right away – I promise I won’t beat myself up for not writing a better post today! :p

This is my 15th post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

Link to the previous post: Live Life: Don’t Look For Approval Of Others

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Rajlakshmi said...

thats well said... often we try to mould ourselves to other's expection... losing our uniqueness...
wonderful post.

Kaddu said...

Thanks Rajlakshmi :)

BK Chowla, said...

It is all very nice and philosophical.The world is becoming extremely competitive and there is very limited space for those who are not number 1, and that is a fact.
If you are not with 97%, you cant get into the college and subjects you want.
Jobs are relatively low and hence the employer wants the best talent, which is measured in terms of your position.
Sex ratio is no longer in favour of men.Even the girls want the most successful man on their side.
The list is too long and I can go on, but I think I have been able to put my point across.
Unless, the blog post is amongst the best, not very friends find time to read it.

Kaddu said...

@ Mr. Chowla: The world is just a reflection of our own thoughts. If we think it is competitive, then that's what it is for us. If we think there's enough space for us to breathe and do our own thing, then that's what we will experience.

Your words come from a fearful heart and a mind enslaved to the media. in fact, this is the kind of thinking that has made India such a difficult place to live in. It's the reason for the growing number of suicides in children and youths. Because senior people like you create false pressure in the young minds!

How many students in India actually know what subjects THEY want to learn? From an early age, we are only taught what subjects we SHOULD OPT FOR to make more money in life!

You say jobs are relatively low... obviously they will be. If the entire nation is busy looking for jobs rather than creating some, then obviously the country is going to be put in an imbalanced economical situation!

Girls want the most successful man on their side? You have no clue about what girls want! Girls want someone who loves them and is there with them when they need him... not someone who is constantly racing towards an unseen finish line!

Yes the point is very clear - some people are just born to be followers... & you can never get a Dhirubhai Ambani or a Bill gates or Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein from among them!

Regarding how many people read someone's blog post: it doesn't depend upon the quality of the post in fact. I know enough of blogosphere to know that! :D

Btw, you missed yesterday's post I think... the one in which I replied to your previous comment.

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