Live Life: Be True To Yourself

Most of us spend our lives living the life of someone else – a sort of role play. We don’t even realize when we put on all these masks and start trying to fit in with the rest of the world.

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Human civilization has turned into a mass-manufacturing plant, producing molded men and women, one after another. And each one of us simply accepts our role as a human robot, and starts living like a machine.

We seem to have forgotten that nothing in the Universe is meant to be an output of some assembly line!

No two plants in the world have same leaves. No two people have the same set of fingerprints. If the Universe wanted us to be similar to each other, it would have made us that way. But, it didn’t. Each one of us is made unique, with a completely different set of skills and abilities. And we need to realize this difference and accept our individualism.

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Majority of us just keep doing what we “should” do, rather than what we really “want” to do!

Earn ‘X’ amount of money by ‘Y’ age; get married by ‘Z’ age; have 2 kids in the next 5-7 years; blah blah blah! Endless rules and bondages! Like the pre-written steps in a computer program… that too written in one of the old procedural languages! That’s not the way to really live life fully.

If we keep on this charade for long, life seems more like a punishment rather than a beautiful gift.

The only way we can truly enjoy the pleasurable journey of life is by being true to ourselves. Strip off the masks, and find out who you truly are; what you want to do in your life – really REALLY want to do, that is, and not merely what you think you should do.

This is my ninth post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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