Live Life: Be Open To New Ideas

Ideas stand for creativity. A happy person is a person who is creative. We all are creators. It is in our very nature to keep creating. But when we get stuck in the rut of the societal norms and education, we block this natural flow of creation within us.

Writing, poetry, art, music, cooking, photography, and entrepreneurship – these are all various ways in which we create. Even our day-to-day interaction with people is a form of creative expression. Each time we interact with someone, we are given an opportunity to create a healthier experience for the persons involved. Whether we use that opportunity or not: that’s a different matter altogether.

Rough relationships, tough life situations, financial crises and health issues are all circumstances especially created for us, so that we can explore new ideas and new ways of handling them.

People who are naturally open to new ideas usually sail through life without any major problems.

Problems arise when we become rigid in our thinking patterns, or when we just forget our own creative powers. We keep repeating the same approach to handling any situation, even when we know it hasn't worked in the past. I'm reminded vaguely of part of an old kids' fable...

The crow was given water in a 'surahi' (long-necked clay vessel). With his short beak, he couldn't reach the water at the low level. So he struck against the sides of the 'surahi' with his beak to make holes, but the water gushed out so fast, it was of no use to him. Next time when he was again served water in the same way, he tried a new idea. Instead of making holes again, he dropped many small pebbles into the vessel, so that the water level inside rose up, till he could reach it with his short beak.

There is no lock without a key. Similarly, there is no problem without a solution. We just need to open our mind so that the perfect solution can come to us.

Easier said than done, I know. Even I am still looking for some solutions!

Anyways, I’ll keep today’s post short, because I’m down with viral infection. Falling sick is just so boring when there’s nobody to fuss over you! Sighhhhh :( Maybe I’ll ask Dad to get me some flowers tomorrow… yellow ones obviously!

This is my eighth post for NaBloPoMo September 2010.

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...

Exactly !

I've been talking myself crazy trying to get it into some heads that there isn't a problem ever without a solution.

But as you said, some people just stop believing and stop being open to any new ideas and use that as an excuse for their actions and conditions.

Really wish we had an optical drive somewhere at the back of our skulls so we could format our brains at will... Well, even a USB port would do fine...

Rajlakshmi said...

yes easier said, hard to be implemented but wonderfu; thoughts...
get well soon :)

Kaddu said...

@ Shobhit: Oh yes, a format-reinstall would be just awesome!

@ Rajlakshmi: Thanks for the wishes! ust getting majorly bored! :P

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