Give the Cat A Bad Name...

So I'm sure all of you know by now how much I hate shopping! And, as luck would have it, I had to go out for that dreadful task yesterday evening! [gulppp]

Thankfully, a friend came to my rescue by agreeing to go with me. She stays in my building, just one floor below me. So she called me on the intercom at a quarter to 4, and asked me how much longer I needed. I said 15 minutes. So she told me that she would be ready and that I should just ring her doorbell on my way down. I said fine and hung up.

And then I got ready, locked the balcony doors, made a mental checklist of what all I needed, checked the money in my purse, flung it on my shoulder, walked out of my flat, locked the door behind me, and took the stairs down... still running the checklist in my mind.

The moment I reached the landing on the ground floor, and was about to turn left to make my way to the main gate of our building, this little cat decided to cross my way. I thought "Oh nothing to worry, it isn't a black cat that lives here... it's a brown one!"

So I turned around, and managed to catch sight of the cat seconds before it went out of my visibility range. Guess what! It was a black cat!
I stopped dead in my track. They say that it's unlucky if a black cat crosses your way, and that you should turn back and retrace your steps. But I'm not a superstitious person, you know. I don't believe in all these things. But obviously the cat wouldn't have any way of knowing this, right.

Besides, do these superstitions NOT apply to non-believers? I had no idea. So I wasn't quite sure what to do next.

I looked around, trying to figure out if anyone else had seen the cat crossing my path. I figured if someone had seen the incident, then probably their superstitions would apply, in which case I would have to go back. But, if nobody had seen this happening, other than me, then I would just go on and get done with my shopping. And then it hit me...



I was supposed to pick her on my way down! Oops!

(Now you have to understand here that all this flashed through my mind in less than a second!)

And then I realized that the poor black kitty wasn't bringing anyone bad luck. On the contrary, it actually did me a favor by crossing my path at that precise moment. For had it not done so, I would have coolly walked out of the building, still juggling mentally with my shopping list, while my friend would have been left waiting for me to show up!

[Still shaking my head in disbelief]

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Want to Add Something?

Shobhit said...

:D :D :D

So now you see... Animals can only bring good luck to you... !!!

As for me, if I see a cat (black or otherwise) run across the road in front of me, I jump on the accelerator in order to be the first one to cross, while people look on in disbelief... :P

You know, I'm quite a superstitious person... ;) :P

BK Chowla, said...

Some of us may not accept that we are superstitious,but, I don't hesitate in accepting that I am.

Kaddu said...

@Shobhit & Mr. Chowla...
But why is the black cat considered unlucky if it crosses one's path? What exactly is supposed to happen? What's the basis of this particular superstition? I'm curious.

Shanu said...

U went back to get ur frnd in a way u retraced ur steps :o)

Me is not superstitious either..but sumtimes darr lagta hai esp if u are goin to do sumthin really imp!

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Yes Shanu, I did go back to get my friend. But I was just wondering... maybe the black cat crosses our way only if we have forgotten something & ought to go back for it! Or some similar reason u know... maybe going forward wouldn't be in our best interests at that time ????

Vyankatesh said...

A story to kick off the superstition ;-)

Kaddu said...

@ Vyankatesh: Yes! :p

Saurabh Mahendru said...

hi kaddu can u plz help me in facebook thumbnail while sharing ?
In my blog the problem is that it always takes my profile pic from sidebar and don't take any pic from the post that I am sharing
this is my site address plz do help if you know any thing about this.

Kaddu said...

Hey Saurabh,

Apparently this is a prb between FB & Blogger. And at the moment, both are blaming each other for this. I wrote to Google Help Forum about it. There's no way I can write directly to FB though. Besides, this is happening only with blogger posts, not in wordpress.

It is apparently taking the very first picture that it finds on that post page. I compared the source code of the post page to my actual template code... blogger is adding a line in the code on its own, which fixes the image tag (makes it static) with the first image element on the page. Wordpress etc are passing it as an array of images, which lets us select the thumbnail while sharing on FB.

But like I said, they are blaming it on FB. Cheers.

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