A "Hairy" Tale!

Once upon a time, I was a little girl. And I had short hair that I used to pull back from my face with this big black hair band. Hair falling repeatedly in front of the eyes is very irritating actually, especially when you are studying for an important test in school the next day!

Anyways, that was the time they showed a Pakistani serial on cable TV – some story about this new female medical intern, called ‘Zoya’ something, who also had short hair like me… and this ‘Zoya’ used to tell her friend in that show that she always wished she had long hair so she could wave it this way & that way…

I used to watch that show… and I used to wish that one day I would also have long hair, so I could wave it around in all directions...

Alas! Not all females are designed to carry off a head full of long hair with grace & elegance! At least I am not!

Every time my hair grows so long that I can start tying it into a miniscule pony tail at the back, I look at myself in the mirror, give my head a couple of jerks and feel the silken waves bouncing on my neck & shoulders. And every single time I do this, I make a mental resolution to grow my hair long -- “long” meaning really long… at least waist length.

Aahh! But just wait till summers… all that heat & the sickly humidity… & not for a minute am I able to let my hair free from the clutches & bands holding it firmly off my neck! They are in a perpetual “prison” through the entire summer season! And that’s when I start wishing I had my short hair back – my freedom!

I’m really amazed and awed by those females who dare to walk around with their long hair hanging freely around their shoulders, even in this icky Indian heat! I see them all day long from my balcony, going to the market, or to some coaching institute, or back home maybe. And I wonder how they do it.

I’ve tried it myself too several times, but within minutes, I find my hair hanging limp, clinging damply to my skin! You definitely CANNOT wave them around with grace when they’re like THAT! On the contrary, they make you even more aware of how much you are perspiring, and how ungraceful that’s probably making you look!

So anyways… it’s that time of the year again when I yearn for shorter locks that can bounce freely on my head at least, if not cascade down my shoulders! Yes Zoya, long hair is no fun at all if you’re going to keep them pinned up on your head like a hostel matron all day long! So... much to my father’s sorrow, I’ll probably go get my hair styled short (again!) one of these days. I know this will probably break his heart yet again (sighhhh), but hey he’s already used to one such heartbreak almost every year! I guess he’ll get over this one too…

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garima82 said...

LOL...I had waist long hair n now they are shoulder length...to my surprise my mom prefers a short-haired me :P

Kaddu said...

WOW! Moms are always more practical. My mom too made me cut my hair & keep it short. They obviously know how tough it is to maintain long hair properly. But men... aaaaahhh! They're a different story altogether! :(

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

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